Kolkata'r Korcha

Received this awesome forwarded email from a friend today, regarding some very unique facts on Calcutta.
Sharing it with you.

Calcutta Tip #8 - People call you DADA irrespective of whether you are 16 or 65 years old

Calcutta Tip #29 - KHUCHRO is precious.

Calcutta Tip #47 - Working in Saltlake Sector 5 is not cool anymore. Ajkal okhane shobai kaj kore.

Calcutta Tip #40 - Holi maru ra khele, we play DOL.

Calcutta Tip #26 - Only Calcuttans celebrate Valentine's day twice every year - Valentine's day and Saraswati Puja.

Calcutta Tip #11 - You come across a Bong anywhere in India, ask him where he is from and he will say Calcutta (irrespective of whichever part of West Bengal he is from or however much he dislikes Calcutta) and hence Calcutta to California, there is a Calcuttan everywhere :)

Calcutta Tip #17 - The first bangla a non-bong learns..."Ami tomake bhalobashi"

Calcutta Tip #20 - Hotel = Restaurant :)

Calcutta Tip #48 - Buying books is not important but visiting the BOIMELA is compulsory.

Calcutta Tip #3 - New Market is not new anymore.

Calcutta Tip #31 - Not giving fau phuchka is a punishable offense.

Calcutta Tip #7 - If you don't find a good place for walking, go to South City Mall.

Calcutta Tip #14 - Train passengers' biggest nightmare..."Bonga Local".

Calcutta Tip #12 - What do we hope to happen when KKR plays? RAIN!!!

Calcutta Tip #46 - In the city of "Cholchhe na Cholbe na", 3 te jinish shob shomoy chole
1. Bus
2. Train
3. Football

Calcutta Tip #32 - Whether it is Durgapuja, Diwali, Christmas, Eid ul-Ftr or whatever, people of Kolkata celebrate every one of them with same enthusiasm. (In fact there is hardly any festival we do not celebrate. We have plenty of time).

Calcutta Tip #30 - Never take panga with Auto drivers in Kolkata while driving. Even Michael Schumacher wouldn't be able to beat them.

Calcutta Tip #42 - After visiting the major cities in India, a Kolkatan comes back feeling "Kolkatar moton jayega hoy na"

Calcutta Tip #45 - Argument between North Kolkata aar South Kolkata is bhoyonkor and unending;
Kintu petpuja (Bhim Nag, Nakur, Coffee House), Durgapuja (Bagbajar, Kumortuli, Jodhpur Park, Bosepukur), Shopping aar Multiplex (Forum, South City) er kotha uthle amra shobai bhai bhai.

Calcutta Tip #21 - Whenever conductor asks for ticket, common answer is "Dichhi Dichhi..."

Calcutta Tip #9 - Origin of metro rail in India is the oldest in country now. So metro niye kono kotha hobe na.

Calcutta Tip #5 - Everyone has a friend who is from South Point.

Calcutta Tip #49 - The city where most discussions end up with variety, price and quality of "MAACHH"

Calcutta Tip #12 - If you wonder where the bus stop is, don't worry, your hand is the best stop sign.

Calcutta Tip #27 - Keep yourself at a distance if you hear an argument related to "MOHUNBAGAN vs EASTBENGAL"... Je kono muhurte chor-thappod pore jete pare.

Calcutta Tip #24 - If you don't find a book in College Street, probably it does not exist.

Calcutta Tip #18 - It is not Tollygunge. It's Taligaunge.

Calcutta Tip #51 - Most fights end with "Aay amader padaye, dekhe nebo"

Calcutta Tip #25 - The word is Pujor Marketing, not Shopping.

Calcutta Tip  #14 - Bandh=Family Time

Calcutta Tip #4 - Taxi meters run faster than vehicles here.

Calcutta Tip #whatever - Are shunish ni? Ora to Love marriage kore biye korechhe. OR, Ami roj shokale morning walk e jai OR Aaj raater Dinner ta kintu hebby holo.


    and one important tip about Kolkata that I learnt (after a bitter experience obviously) is never go to India Museum and Victoria Memorial on a Sunday. It will be closed. :(


    He he...


    Nice one Sunrita, Just a single mistake and that is "BANGALIR TIME"....


    Hi Pritam!

    It was great to have you on Speechless.
    Thank you for typing in the comments and do visit again :)

    On June 26, 2012 at 1:04 AM Anonymous said...

    Universal speedbreaker on Kolkata Roads "astay laydis!"


    Bhishon mone porey gelo chhottobelaar ekta serial. KOLKATA. Mayabini kolkata. Tilottama kolkata....


    Hmmm mone achhe...oi seial ta te amader principal akta role korechhilen..akjon bideshini mohila'r...Mrs Marry Anne DG...