Roz roz...

My first attempt of this kind.

As usual, en route to office this morning, the Royal Cruiser Driver was tuned-in to a certain Radio Station and inspite of the crowd and the AC vent not causing any cooling effect, I could not help noticing this...

A song, an old Hindi song, much heard, much sung (by me before) but never do I reckon noticing it like I did this morning.

It is all about four musical notes played on a guitar after the first two stanzas.

Well, now for the most difficult part. Even before typing it down, I realize how tough it is going to be to explain those four notes.

There have been times, when you are ecstatic, happy but you didn't know who to share it with and all you could do was look up at the sky - smiling or crying. For those few numb seconds there was SILENCE around. Remember how it felt?
Times when in the middle of the night, when you cried like a baby (for no apparent reason) and wished HE was there sitting next to you, just watching you cry out, with HIS "all knowing" smile (yeah yeah, I know why you are crying). Again there was SILENCE around. Remember how you felt?

Times when you wanted to cry and miraculously it started raining, you went out into the open and cried to your heart's content. Others not even noticing.

Situations when you have been in complete peace with yourself and only The Almighty was by your side....

Those four notes did exactly that to me and even after a good three hours, I am still having goose bumps.


    You should know that you are very good.

    I have felt like this so many times, but I could never write it down, which you have done so easily.


    Phew! That's a relief.

    Please visit again.


    Happens to all of us, does it not? :-) By the way, stumbled upon your blog looking for the lyrics of Hoyto Tomari Jonno... thanks for that.