Hold on and don't shed a tear


Can I get a Hug (GOD)? I think I used up the last one...

My First Roli-Moli

There is a custom of tying a thread round the wrist and applying a red tika followed by few grains of rice on the forehead of guests.

I was summoned to do this act of greeting-the-guest, for the CEO of Mart, Mr Pradeep Kashyap.

It was for the very first time that I even set my eyes upon a thali containing the Roli-Moli. It is a decorated small thali containing two tiny round containers – one filled with a red wet tika and the other had rice, it also had a huge roll of red-yellow thick and strong thread and ofcourse sweets. The moment Jyoti, my assistant for the occasion was given the tray, the guest arrived. I did not even get a chance to ask HOW it was to be done…

Luckily… all these years of hindi cinema viewing came to my rescue but there was still a HUGE problem. There was no way that thick thread would or possibly could be torn by me. Luckily Dheera, a Punjabi girl was nearby(very near actually) She helped me by tearing a small enough piece out of that scarily thick thread roll, while our guest was buzy greeting seniors from the management.

Finally, he faced me. My hands trembled as I dipped my thumb in the red tika pot. I applied it on his forehead. There was almost no visible red sign there. I wasn’t sure whether the rice grains would at all stick on that negligible little red mark. Nevertheless, I tried and to my utter relief, two grains decided to stare back at me from his forehead. I finished by tying the thread around his wrists.

“My Blessings for you”, smiled Mr.Kashyap.
My still trembling hands folded into a Namaste and “Thank You”.

Phew!! Singing in front of a packed auditorium is easier. Atleast you get to practice and you most definitely are informed well in advance.

The Voice of GOD…

My Darling Child…
Some things are left unsaid…
Do I have to come and tell you…I Love You?
Do I have to tell you I am there to look after you?
When will you understand?
It is only for you I make the moon look different each night.
I feel good when you notice and smile at it.
Only for you I make the sun rise in the east and set in the west
“Look to the east in the morning…In the evening, look to the west”
My darling, I wouldn’t say it all…
For there are some things that are left unsaid…

I will not tell you, I am there when you smile,
I take you in my arms, when you’re in pain.
I am there in the sunshine and I am there during the rain.
From the moment you wake up…
Till long after you have gone to bed,
My Darling, I wouldn’t say it all
For there are some things that are left unsaid…

In your lifetime, always look out for me.
Try to make sure when I am there with you,
You don’t end up asking – “Who is He?”
I wouldn’t tell you I was there; I wouldn’t tell you that we just met.
My Darling, I would never say it all…
For there are some things; I always leave unsaid…