Come, Let's make Tea different

A Discovery :-

I was asked to make tea one evening.
I poured the water from a bottle that was kept in a line of many other bottles on the rack, the bottle did not have enough water to make tea for five people, so I took some more water from another bottle that stood right next to it...

I prepared it in the usual way...boiling the water, adding sugar, adding the tea leaves (by the milk was added to this)...
It was now time to drink...The first to go was my Baba..after the first sip..he simply looked up at me- His expressions were different...Then my Ma...she started smiling and stood up to investigate..I did not understand what was going now the others were also making faces..(well, happy faces mind you)... Without hesitating, I took My First sip...and to my utter disbelief, the Tea tasted different, unique and above all...really good...
I followed my Ma to the kitchen and we both started to probe...
The first bottle from which I had poured in water, actually contained "Sprite"!!!!!!

Try it out...It gives you real tasty tea...but use water and 7Up or Sprite in 1:1 ratio ( or safer still, keep the quantity of water, more).... and do not forget to give me your feedback...The first sip would surely bring a smile to your face...

When will you come ...?

In vain I feel; In vain I kneel;
When will you come? When will it heal ?

A futile chase; A deathly maze;
Intentions good, but the heart ablaze...
Both highs and lows; There are friendly-foes;
When unsure - Ask HIM, He surely knows.
Is it always pain; Is there no Gain?
When will you come ? When will it rain?

Of decisions bold; Of miseries told;
Hypocrisy reigns, all else sold.
It's not the end, It's just a bend,
If something goes wrong; no one will mend.
A loving touch; a caring hand;
When will you come? When can I stand?

The boat is here; I am ready to row,
When will you come? When shall I go?

Famous Capricorns

Famous Capricorns
There is a good news in the block...One of my colleagues, Tanusri, has given birth to a cute little baby boy, just a couple of hours ago. I congratulate her, specially for giving The Capricorn community a brand new member.. Best wishes to you and the new-born...Incidentally, today is also the birthday of Swami I'd call Tanusri's son, "Vivek" :)

Following is the list of a few people (Capricorns), who we all have heard about and who have contributed a lot to the society in one way or the other :

December 22 - Sarada Devi - The Holy Mother
December 24 - Ricky Martin
December 25 - Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty - Musician
December 26 - Mao Tse Tung - Political Leader
December 27 - Louis Pasteur - Microbiologist and Chemist
December 29 - William Gladstone - Prime Minister
December 28 - Ratan Tata
December 28 - Dhirubhai Ambani
December 30 - Rudyard Kipling - Writer
December 30 - Tiger Woods
December 31 - Anthony Hopkins - Actor
December 31 - John Denver - Singer
January 1 - Raj Kapoor
January 1 - Sonali Bendre
January 3 - J.R. Tolkien - Writer
January 5 - Deepika Padukone
January 6 - A.R. Rehman - Musician
January 6 - Kapil Dev - Sportsman
January 8 - Elvis Presley - Musician
January 10 - Basu Chatterjee - Film Maker
January 10 - Hrithik Roshan - Actor
January 10 - Tintin - First appeared in a Belgian Newspaper on this day.
January 11 - Rahul Dravid
January 12 - Swami Vivekanda
January 13 - Imran Khan (Actor)
January 13 - Orlando Bloom
January 14 - Mahasweta Devi - Activist and Author
january 14 - Ustaad Ali Raka Khan
January 14 - Joan of Arc - Saint
January 17 - Muhammad Ali - Boxer
January 17 - Jim Carrey
January 19 - James Watt
January 19 - Soumitra Chattopadhayay