Brighten the corner....where you are...

Is there any place on the Earth that does not have life?
Dry or Wet, Ocean or Sea, Desert or Marsh, Mountains or Beaches, Light or Dark...Anywhere?
I guess, No.

Lifeforms have an uncanny knack of surviving all odds. They adapt and evolve but never ceases to live.
Water, Temperature, stable weather conditions are probably some of the primal features that decide how easy or difficult survival would be.

Where temperatures are very high, the leaves change to thorns and yet bloom during Spring. Never heard the shrunken-leaves complaining nor seen hues in the petals compromised.

In great depths of the ocean, where light of the mighty Sun doesn't penetrate, creatures are capable of Bioluminescence - producing their own light. Is there a research that goes like - "A study on the unhappiness quotient of certain light-producing deep sea creatures"

Were "We", (supposedly the superior-most creatures) born on Mars?

 Brighten the corner....where you are


    Insightful post, Sunrita. Is it possible that humans lost their touch with life when they started calling themselves 'superior beings'?