The journey till Death or to be one with God

Almost all rivers begin as a small, narrow but vibrant stream...The river in its uppercourse is always tiny, above the base level and possesses a great deal of potential energy. While attempting to reach its base level, it cuts down the soil and errodes it vertically which results the shape changes in the v-shaped valleys.. It is this pattern of conduct during youth which becomes the deciding factor, as to whether or not the river would finally reach its goal...

Like a tiny girl who dances her way downhill, not worrying about what others might think, not realizing what all she's expected to do and not knowing where she is heading, the stream makes a course for itself and frivolously descends to its base...

It cares little about who it could be beneficial to...just dances in her own joy downstream like a selfish young lassie...

She passes hills, forests and places which are scarcely inhabited by humans...and soon, the lively little stream reaches its middle course in no goes through certain metamorphosis...the landscape has changed, the gradient has become less steeper, vertical errosion ceases, lateral errosion takes place...and the stream meanders aimlessly , not knowing why she is going through such changes...On the way she meets humans...who come to her banks for various purposes and she speeds herself up trying to scare them off from coming too close to her. But, she realizes that she has become heavier, she is not being able to move like she used to when she was younger...her energy is being used up in carrying the erroded soil with her downstream...She has given shelter to so many different life forms within her, diverse aquatic animals and plants starts to thrive. She is getting taller....her bed is a long way down under...she has gone broader, a long long way to her sides....she no longer has to make her own way...she is more relaxed...she is moving on her own and most definitely she has a goal...but what is this goal..?

Without her knowing, she has become more and more giving and she knows in her heart of hearts that her end is near....she senses it...she longs for it...she cries for it...prays for it to come closer to her each day...and finally she closes her eyes and gets lost in the arms of the mighty ocean...she is the happiest today...she knows the meaning of her journey, she looks back at her course and sheds a few drops of tears on the number of calamities she had caused due to her pride and insensitivity...of the number of living creatures she could help and bring a smile to...and then she goes to eternal slumber...her work has been done ...she can rest now....she has met her goal...she has come to her God....He will take care of her from here on...she needn't worry anymore...

You can speculate and introspect while in the journey...and when it's all over, it's too late...the damage cannot be undone...the path cannot be retraced...the devastated and distraught lives cannot be restructured...Think a hundred times before you bring havoc on somebody's could mean a lifetime of devastation for them....We will all have to meet our God one day...and we will have to ask for His forgiveness...

Don't we all pray this..."... And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive; those that trespass against us"...

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20)

This is one zodiac sign, about which I could never reach a conclusion, probably because I always got biased.
Following are a few informations I managed to collect from the net...

The Good Capricorn and The Bad Capricorn :

Good Capricorn Bad Capricorn

Male :

Having Capricorn rising almost guarantees success. No matter how many obstacles stand in his way, no matter how far down the ladder he begins, his achievements will lead to plenty of money in the bank. Money is important to this man, not just for the power it brings, but for the freedom it allows. He won't rest until he feels safe, and to feel secure, he must have a hefty bank account. Sometimes Capricorn rising can go too far in his need for acquisition and become quite ruthless.

Having said that, he is very responsible, intelligent and sociable. He excels in business meetings and can be quite an investor. In a relationship he wants someone more relaxed than he is, someone that can help him loosen up when he is at home. He often finds himself with a woman of less intelligence and standing in society--he likes to help her improve. If she's willing to rise to his standards and expectations, she will do well.
Together they can build up a wonderfully large nest egg that he will enjoy spending on her (and himself) when he retires. He has a hard time expressing his emotions. This is because he is quite sure he lacks the vitality of the people around him. This isn't necessarily true, and the woman that can help him gradually release his emotions will find a warm man underneath the frost.
Once he does meet the 'right' one, he will be faithful and committed to their relationship.

Female :

This woman needs to feel secure. Like her male counterpart, she seeks safety in numbers--bills, that is. She will not rest until she has a stash of money in the bank, a few solid investments, and a home to call her own. She won't necessarily depend on a man to provide her with security, as she is willing to work hard herself. But, when she does find a man she can approve of, he must not come into the relationship as a liability.

She won't support a man. She has magnificent self-control and can come across as cold and unloving--underneath the fa ├žade she is full of anxiety. Capricorn rising won't admit to this, though. She is very slow to commit, always wanting to be completely sure that she is doing the right thing. Capricorn rising does not like shallow or flighty men; she wants depth and expects it. If you can't give her what she needs--ie, money, honesty, a solid social standing- -don't bother trying.

She may have a fling with you, but she won't marry you. The Capricorn rising woman will succeed, either through her mate, or on her own.

'Tis the season to be jolly!!...

Christmas Tree
Yet again, the last but one page of the calendar has been turned, yet again, a new year is waiting at the side-stage for its turn to begin the show. Yet again, it is time to light up the streets and the trees. Yes, yet again....Winter is back!!!

Everywhere I look, there are happy faces...the festivity in the air and the hope of the goodness, the new year would bring... is contagious and is spreading like wild fire. People have started planning on their picnic spots, boys and girls play batminton on every by-lane at sun-down...enjoying every bit of their
winter-breaks (I miss my cildhood :( I'm sure we all do). We adorn ourselves with the brightest of clothes and woollens...may be because, we unknowingly try to make it up for Mother Earth, who lose all her colours during this time of the year.

Health conscious people are not scared to gorge in spicy..."rich" food. The food is properly broken down by our system and ailing stomachs...the secret again lies in the magic of the season...Ofcourse there is magic...people wait for so many years to tie the knot on a wonderful winter day...not for nothing, I suppose.

The first cool breeze, the first misty morning, the first smoky vapour in the exhaled breath, also the memory of the school-time 'Winter Vacations', of Christmas carols during Chapel Service, all coming back again...

When I was young, I used to have serious throat problems- Pharyngitis, Tonsilitis and my parents had a tough time...bandaging my Nefertiti-like neck with the entire length of the muffler, which almost always fell short and a part of my neck would still be days those and nice memories...I had a friend who actually once took a scale and measured my neck and then compared it with her own...she used to ask-"Are you sure you have only seven cervical vertebrae?"and I reminded her about the number of vertebrae in Giraffe (also seven)...Even then she looked unconvinced...

Winter is closer to my heart for one more reason. This is the only time people get to realize that I am growing old and am considered to be an adult for at least that one day I call My Birthday...the remaining three sixty four days I am "A Minor"...

'Tis the season of giving and receiving, of cakes and cookies, of merrymaking and good cheer...'Tis the time to wish one and all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Little Johnny Jokes...not Capital A ones :)

  • One day little Johnny was digging a hole in his back yard.The next-door neighbor spotted him and decided to investigate.
    "Hello Johnny, what are you up to?" he asked.
    "My goldfish died and I'm gonna bury him," Johnny replied.
    "That's a really big hole for a goldfish, isn't it?" asked the neighbor.
    "That's because he's inside your cat!"

  • A Sunday school teacher asked Little Johnny, "Do you believe in the Devil?"
    "No," said Little Johnny. "It's the same as Santa Claus. I know it's my daddy."

  • Little Johnny was getting bad grades in school. One day he stepped up to the teacher's desk, and announced, "I don't want to scare you Miss Finch, but daddy says if I don't get better grades... somebody is gonna get a spanking."

  • A door-to-door salesman comes-a-knocking and 10-year-old Little Johnny answers, a beer in one hand and a lit cigar in the other.The salesman says, "Little boy, is your mommy home?" Little Johnny taps his ash on the carpet and says, "What the hell do you think?"

Love comes to those who believe it...

The reason I started blogging

Ideally speaking, this should have been my very first post. I made every possible conscious effort to postpone this one, lest I get biased and end up writing it in a way I did not wish to. 'Guess, everything has its own sweet time of appearance and this post too decided on its own accord to get published now.
Like a dear friend told me a few days back, "This year was full of hopes, dreams, dreams that materialised (well, almost) and then of heartbreaks and tragedies"...The silence that came after the storm, some of us faced this year, forgot to recede with it. Having said that, I really pray and hope that all those storms and mis fortunes that were glued to us throughout this year, decide to stay with it( with the year, I mean). It need not follow us to 2009.

I have always been the listener in a conversation. Never spoke much, in fact I still don't speak a lot. For the past twenty-six years i'v heard innumerable tales, some funny, some sad, other's which I tried to understand but failed in the end and until a few days back realised, that all I can remember is other people's stories. I remember almost all the details that was narrated to me. I asked myself one day, "There are so many details to a person and his/her life, so many incidents, have I ever thought about how many I had myself? The answer was 'No'..." I started scraping the layers of dust that had accumulated on my experiences and was pleasantly surprised to find so many of them.
The obstacle that followed was equally wierd. I had not spoken for so many years, I needed a medium. In all these years, there had been just two people who listened to me, without ANY interruption. Strangely, one of them listened to me for a period of ten years and the other, for a little less than a month. Thank you both for your patience.

Discovery of the medium -

May 2008

There happened to be this ignorant girl, who knew absolutely nothing about blogs. Destiny made her come across this blog of a person she knew( or, she thought, she knew). The first day it all seemed like a list of unfathomable theories, the next day it got a little more interesting, she discovered a few, very nice short stories( I wish I could give you the link, I am sure you too would have loved them ), then she started learning the navigations in the page. Apart from stories, it also had this person's daily this was some kind of an online diary, she thought. It took her two days to finish off all the posts and she loved them. Whenever, this person made a post( the rate of posting was very slow), he informed this girl and she read them, she loved to read them.

During that time (the time-period in the year when I was the happiest), I was slowly made to believe that "Perks were coming a little late in my life, but they had started coming"...I believed and after a little less than a month, disaster followed.

A month of self-reconstruction and then "My First Blog", now "Speechless" was born.

A few nice people helped me with the technical aspects of blogging later on. I have been lucky to receive a lot of encouragement when I started.
Thank you all for helping me with my Speechless self...