I wish...

I could....
Go into the mountains for a loooong vacation.
Write a book.
Learn to play the Guitar
Go on an uncontrolled shopping spree
Possess Fifty shoes
Speak French fluently
Also cross The English Channel
Drive a Convertible
Have a Kitchen Garden
Live amidst a green garden
Have an open terrace/ balcony
A house with wooden floors
Please don't wake me up.

Nov 2017:
I have gone on a number of unrestrained shopping sprees, right before my wedding.
I live in a house with beautifully polished wooden floors :)
Gone for uncountable vacations, over a period of three years, but vacations never seem enough


    Welcome back, Sunrita! Hope all's well. Nice post this..

    But then, she continued to sleep.. and never realized that books were already written, guitar notes already played, english channel already crossed, convertibles already driven and houses with wooden floors already built and lived in.


    Wow...and you continue to surprise...
    That is motivation enough to wake up...
    Thanks Vikas.