Spring back!!

So what if Speechless’s readers/ subscribers are deserting her! So what if her creator herself had almost abandoned her! It is The Season and The Reason to Spring Back…
We have not yet been able to reach a place on earth or in life (or anywhere else) that is devoid of pain and sorrow but like there are some blessed people amongst us who are so gifted to be happy and share happiness around (and we thought Angels are fictitious), there is also the Season that brings with itself manifold causes for us to stop and smile even in the deepest of vacuums (or its opposite, whatever that is).

I had thought I would never again be able to write, observe actually, because the writing inspiration is evoked by the senses of sight and the power of thought. I am too preoccupied (read, I am getting old).
When we retire for the night, we plan for the next morning, when we are travelling to our offices/ schools, we are thinking about the work or studies and that is how we end up missing the subtle hints life has to offer us in the form of awesome de-vacuuming of that emptiness within us.

I travel to my office sometimes by means of a frustratingly crowded bus, within which, if one is very lucky, gets to stand by the side of a window and can have a decent view of the exterior. However, the roads of Kolkata, especially en-route to Saltlake Sector Five is not very picturesque at this time. Most of the roads are burdened by construction works, of Flyovers, of Metro railways (for those of you who did not know, Kolkata had a Metro since 1984, this is just the extension of it into other parts of the city – which means when I was admitted in school, the construction of the Metro disrupted my going and coming to and from school and now that I am working, it still makes me leave home half an hour early to make sure I make it on time. The positive you ask? Well, the signboards read – Today’s pain, Tomorrow’s Gain. (Feels like – Your Pain, Your Children’s Gain)). One such deadliest bottle-neck is the crossing near ITC Sonar Bangla. People shut their windows when they reach that spot. Yesterday was no different. The lucky seated person, whose window I was standing next to decided to do the same, but I managed to see something through that which made me write down this piece of literature.

The grounds around ITC Shonar Bangla (a five star hotel) is also having some construction work and is extremely dusty. Amidst all that pollution, there stands a tree within the grounds, totally devoid of leaves, but completely covered with flowers – light pink flowers, a mismatch, a contrast to its surroundings. I wanted to shout and show the others – LOOK! But I was numbed myself.

This was yesterday.

Today, on my way to office, I consciously looked again. This time I saw two more such trees, beautifully laden with those light pink flowers, just like a newly wedded bride, leaning gracefully in her fineries, all in and around the same hotel and another far away from it on my way back home tonight. That is when I decided I had to blog about his.

Someone once told me – Life is like how you see it. Try seeing it as a glass that is half full (intentions right may be but a very old example).

But life IS how we see it, provided we do not stop seeing it. 

When we search for sorrow, we find them all around. When we look for happiness, interestingly we find them scattered like tiny specs of precious diamonds. 
Each of them says, "I am right here, don't give up on me and keep looking"

Reason and Season to Spring Back.