Tenth Anniversary

July marks the tenth anniversary of Speechless.

I was full of ideas and words when I began scribbling on blogger, but ten years later today, as i sit down to dedicate a post on completing 10 years together, I feel waves of overwhelming emotions sweeping over me. Words are the beginning, words ensure the detailing but when you rise way above the details and a hundred thousand event plays in your mind, even paintings get blurred and words fall short in doing justice to all that I am feeling right now.

Speechless was born from the workstation of my first job, while I was already 2 years working with an online greeting card company, the rest is a lot of told and untold stories.

September 2008, I wrote a post on some random questions that I answered. Interestingly the 10th question and its answer was:
"10) How would you see yourself in ten years time?
With the same eyes, still without any spects...okay..seriously.. Mother of two adorable kids and wife of a loving husband..."

Reality check:
Still dont wear glasses.
God has given me a very loving husband.
Yesterday, even before realising this anniversary and while returning from a weekend trip to Jhargram Rajbari, I told my husband, that" Ray", that's what we call our second car (the first being "Appu" , which we had during our 2 years' stay in Bangkok) looks like the son who has returned home after playing in the soil while it rained. So in a very nice little way, I am a mother to two adorable kids.