Aaj rang hai...

The first time I heard this song back in 2004, I was still in college or had just enrolled myself into my Masters and I vividly remember standing spellbound in front of the stereo set throughout the entire rendition and towards the end of the song, couldn’t hold back my tears.

The song is like a live story but with two sides. One side of it is being happily expressed by Sadhna Sargam and the contrast being narrated by Ustad Sultan Khan. I haven’t seen the movie hence I do not know about the situation of the song, the female voice is all excited but confused about a certain change in life she’s going through (probably that of being in love or getting married) and the vocals along with the accompaniments show that passionate merrymaking all around. 

A tuneful Shehnai ushers in the more mature part of the lyrics and the not-so-happy part that talks about “Mere mehbubi ke ghar rang hai ri”.

Just like a smile reaches a high-pitched laughter, like a choking throat leads to severe weeping, like all tiny things in life reach a crest with time, this song also arrives at its crescendo. 

Then there is submission at its peak.
Allah ka pyaara wo toh
Jag ujiyaara wo toh…”

When you pray and when you call upon God, you need not know the language, you need not know the religion, you just surrender (Strange, but you also don’t need to know how to surrender).

People die in the name of religion. The Crusades, The Jihads and the likes keep telling us that same story…but is Thanking HIM any different in any religion? Is crying in front of Him any different?

One of my favorite songs:

Movie: Maqbool
Vocals: Sadhna Sargam and Ustad Sultan Khan
Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyricist: Gulzar

Just a little bit more....

I know it's not fair to expect someone to feel someway for me, to expect that HE would understand when I don't even know where HE is and what HE is cooking up for me...but as I continue to make the same unfair mistake over and over and as I continue to stick my head out of the window trying to look at what is coming ahead, ignoring the lamp posts in the way, I can only sit back and think lazily about the strange number....ticking behind my mind and continuously whining to HIM..."Why me...When me (and louder still)...Why can't I see?"

It is like looking at a beautiful chocolate syrup dripping from an unseen container at the top and falling on the freshly iced chocolate cake, kept right beside a few dollops of heavenly-white vanilla ice-cream ready to be pounced upon and then realizing that you are sitting on the wrong side of the TV.

I couldn't decide on a Title for this one

I have been watching a lot of movies lately and quite a couple of them have been about real incidents from the Holocaust (Greek word, meaning "whole burnt". It was the bureaucratic, state sponsored persecution and murder of approximately 6 million Jews during the Nazi regime).
Infants to the old, sick to the healthy, rich to the poor, almost about two-thirds of all Jews residing in Europe were massacred during that time.
While searching for "What happened to the children?" I found this over the net:-
 In Holocaust Testimonies, edited by Joseph J. Preil, the survivor Aaron Schwartz recalls Plaszow and the slaughter of the Cracow ghetto:

"When I came to Plaszow the first day, they put me in a group where we were digging a huge grave .. they brought in trucks, with children, from infant to twelve years old. They were all killed .. when the children were brought in, they were shot, right in that grave ..
A little girl, a beautiful blond girl, sat down in the grave, dressed in an Eskimo white fur coat, was all bloody, and asked for a little bit of water .. this child swallowed so much blood, because it was shot in the neck. And then it started to vomit so terribly. And then it lay down and it says, "Mother, turn me around, turn me around." ..
This child did not know what happened to it. It was shot, it was half-dead after it was shot. And this child sat down in the grave, among all the corpses, and asked for water .. it was still alive. There was no mother, just children brought from the Cracow ghetto.
So this little girl lay down, and asked to be turned around. What happened to it? I do not know. It was probably covered alive, with chlorine .. I am sure, because they did not give another shot to that girl .."

Over one million children under the age of sixteen died in the Holocaust - she was one of them ...