If the last 8-9 months saw me complaining about the incessant heat and the unbearable cold, cribbing about the nonavailability of non-veg food at the hostel, making faces at the "lauki" or the plain "masoor ki daal" and roti, the last two months was a complete opposite. I had the best of foods at the best of restaurants in my favorite city.
Try and stay away from home atleast once in your lifetime. The love and affection you get upon returning home for that short period is a heavenly experience. You don't have to ask for your favorite food, you get it naturally not just at your home but at relatives' places as well. If you cannot manage time to visit them, they come down to see how much you have changed (in my case how much weight I have lost/gained...etc)...of course along with your favorite dish cooked and handed over in a tiffin box :).
Well I have seen and done the same for friends and relatives and have heard stories before but it is the first time for me, hence I would confess, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Flame and grill,
6 Ballygunge Place
Flavours of China
Pepper Chino
Silver Oak
Food court (South City, Highland Park)
China Town
Grub Club
Many more...

Got to attend a wedding in the family, a house warming of Wrik's new flat and a ride (to one of those "many more" food joints) in my Dada's brand new car. All this, along with 6 weeks of hectic internship schedule. My visit to Calcutta was choc-a-bloc.
Now that it is time for me to start packing my bags again, I feel the pace slowing down a bit. The two months re-playing itself in slow-motion. The smiling-faces, the loving hugs, the delicious dishes (slurp), the hustle-bustle of the metropolis all receding in the background.
The countdown has begun and the battlefield awaits me.
But this time Jaipur, I am thoroughly reloaded and refueled. I am ready to devour all the "lauki's" you have in store. "Shonar Kella", we will surely meet this year.

Oh, by the way, I have finally seen the end of Finance and thank God, seen it off in style :) . So, am happy with myself for more than a couple of reasons.

Jaipur!! here I come...