Are you...

More impulsive than me?
I have deleted my orkut account 4 times (erm, okay, 5 times). Saving the first and the last times, all the other reasons for deletion were emotional (read mental). No, I have no intentions of returning to another social networking site in the near future and I have no intentions of receiving howler e-mails and sms(s) from friends and acquaintances by deciding to delete it again..

I have, in the last one year, thought of deleting my blog about 3 times. But, this time(one of the rarer occasions), I thought of an alternative *smile*...sorry..Top Secret!!

A greater lover of Fish?
Most mommies say this to their children these days : "Eat fish... beta, and your eyesight will never fail you. You will never need a spectacle. It has Vitamin A, you see"
And most children say this to their mommies: "Uuunhh!! it has a disgusting smell, I feel like puking and moreover, too many bones to separate"

I have till date, thrown several cups of milk in the drain, fed the crows with my breakfast roti almost each day before leaving for school, thrown tantrums against vegetables (still do this), but never-ever have I refused FISH.
Arre!! where else would you find such a lot of variety?
You have the Tangra and the Parshe and the Pabda and the Chingri and the Ilish and the Guley and the Pomfret and the Topshe and the Magur and the Telapiya and the Kajri and the Bhetki and the Rui.
OMG! letme stop right here before I end up turning this into a thesis.

Oh! but I forgot the Koi and and the Chitol and the Beley and the Mourola and the...!! ur lip!!

Hmmphh!! hmmphhh!! crash!! bang!! topple!!

Speechless : "Sorry for the interruption. 'had to intervene, I will surely request her to continue with another topic next time. Till then be happy, enjoy life, do not waste food and fish...hee hee"

Happy Birthday, Speechless!!

It was easy being the mother of my first blog, Speechless. Easy because, she never troubled me and at times acted as my mother when I troubled her, by ignoring her presence, using her for my own emotional benefits. She has always been patient and allowed me both space(writing space) and time(in between posts) to wade through the darker hours.

Birth is much but breeding is more...

In this case, giving birth was the easiest thing to do and breeding didn't cause any pain at all. She is one friend, who will always say, exactly what I want to hear, without whining a bit, will look like what I wish her to look like, without cribbing about the color or the style or the words being used. I talk to the mirror but the mirror never speaks back to me. "Speechless" is alive and is the mirror that talks, cries, complains, fights and smiles along with me.

The two of us have grown by one year. In the last year, the mother had to smile when all she wanted to do was cry, but the daughter cried with her heart. The mother told the world, what the world wanted to hear, when she actually wanted to scream the opposite, the daughter understood, kept quiet and waited for the older one to regain her self belief. I spoke a lot, when all I really wanted to do was run away into the lonely mountains and get lost and wished I could forget to speak. The times when, "Speechless" helped me sing a song, cook up a dish or write a few lines that somehow managed to rhyme themselves...

In this year-old journey, I've come across fellow bloggers (ones who have personal blogs) and have been surprised to notice, how much each of their blogs speak about them and how naturally gifted they are in making their blogs speak. A's blog is as lively as he is, B's blog is always up-to-date like him, C has done a great job in pruning her posts like a well manicured garden. My blog is as confused as I am.

At this time a year ago, I did not know whether I would have the patience or the skill set to continue writing this far. Now, I know, I do not posses any, i.e, patience or set of skills. But since Speechless has reached this far on its own, I am positive , that she will see many more birthdays (thankfully her mom does not forget dates).

Thank you Speechless for being there when everyone else vanished.

Thank you, all of you, who had helped her with her first few steps.
Thank you for following, for subscribing, for dropping in your valuable comments and most importantly, for giving her your company and trust.

She has proved to be a perfect Leo - generous, loving, creative and stubborn(in a positive way).
Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Tobu...Mone rekho

One of my favorite Tagore songs...

Porjaye : Prem

Tobu Mone rekho jodi doore jai chole.
Jodi puratono prem dhaka pore jaye nobopremojale.
Jodi thaki kachhakachhi,
Dekhite na pao chhaya'r moton achhi na achhi-
Tobu mone rekho.
Jodi jol ashe ankhipate,
Akdin jodi khela theme jaye modhuraate,
Tobu mone rekho.
Akdin jodi badha pore kaaje sharodo prate- mone rekho.
Jodi poriya mone
Chholochholo jol nai dakha daye noyonkone-
Tobu mone rekho.

Calcutta, we can do better than this

There are moments in your life, when you want to speak a lot but your voice chokes, when you wish to write a lot and your fingers resist, when you want to think a lot but your brain refuses to transmit the signals. Kindly accept my apologies for having gone speechless for over a month.

As per the norms of West Bengal government's transport department, every state bus needs to be changed after a period of fifteen years.

Thanks to the never-ending riots ad strikes, we get new and better state buses even before a bus has reached its dying age. They always burn down government buses. My humble request to the protestors, next time, kindly target auto-rickshaws in Kolkata, they need serious reformations.

Jokes apart, just ahead of the Lok sabha elections in India, there was this text message, that was being circulated -

"10 terrorists came by boat, 539 terrorists will soon come by Vote. PLEASE VOTE CAREFULLY"

The party we didn't vote for is attacking the MLA's on the road and the one we voted for, is voicing their displeasure against these attacks by bringing havoc on city streets by torching down buses, tormenting commuters and causing a lot of discomfort to those who a few days back voted in their favor.

Generations of bengalis have taken birth and died witnessing this chemistry between West Bengal and Strikes. The two probably have had an unsuccessful arranged-marriage in the past but neither has ever thought about a separation.

Why this vandalism in the facade of protests? Here we are in a serious dilemma as to who we vote for in the up coming Bidhan Sabha elections.

Surely we can do better than this Calcutta...can we not??

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