Roshni gets married...

My oldest niece, Roshni just had a grand-monsoon wedding. One of the loveliest and the most memorable weddings I have ever attended.

Many of us, from all over the country united for that one special occasion at the steel city of Bhilai. The festivities included the train journey to Bhilai ( if you have traveled overnight in a group in order to attend a wedding and back, you sure know how fun-filled it can get) , the aiburo-bhaat, the sangeet, the wedding, journey back to Howrah(along with the bride and the groom) and ofcourse, the reception. Rosh looked beautiful on each of her special days.

Met several of Rosh-Pradyumna's friends who had come down from various places. Lovely bunch of people, each one of them (Deepa, Sandip, Srijit-da).
Another person who has to be mentioned is Anrit-da, the same person who helped Rosh, Dona and myself, with the tour at Bhilai Steel Plant two months back. He deserves a round of applause for the precision with which he managed the entire event. I asked him my favorite question(in case you didn't is "What is your zodiac sign?" ) and he answered, "I am a Virgo".

[I think I know enough Virgos now, to be able to confidently publish a post on them...Stay tuned]

A few posts back I had mentioned my sister, the one who's my favorite and I hadn't met for several years, I got to meet her yesterday at the reception.

Finally, I officially turn mashi-shashuri at 27... :)

The hangover of this wonderful event would stay with all of us for a long time.
Here's wishing both Roshni and Babua, a very happy married life.

PS - I took the above snap in the morning of her wedding day, right after she was made to wear the shaakha-pola ( the red and the white bangles ) before the haldi ceremony.

Hello there!! What's your name?

My name is Pinku Pimple.
I am Sunrita's rare new friend and I am not leaving her in a soon.
So what if she's going to become one of the youngest
aunt-in-laws in a couple of day's time?
I am staying put on her tiny little right cheek.

This is my first snap and I will remain with her in all the snaps she takes at the wedding.

Say cheese Sunrita.

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...

Heard this song first time when I had gone down to Bhilai. My niece had this collection of Sona Mahapatra's songs.

It caught my attention because of its lyrics. If you listen carefully, each of those sentences kind of make you smile and you say, "How true"...

Sapne sapne hona zaroori hain
Kacche pakke aadhe poore

Har doosra chehra yahaan soya-soya hain
Aisa lage sabka kuchh khoya-khoya hain
Shehron me pedh sote nahi hain
Chidiya nahi hai gaati
Yahaan raat din chalke bhi yaar manzil nahi hai aati

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...

Yahaan roz chhapte hain darr akhbaron mein
Bazaar pahunche ghar, ghar bazaaron mein
Sab suna rahen apni hi baat
Yahaan shor har kaheen hai
Dooje ko sunne ki kisi mein bhi himmat hi nahi hain

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...

Chahe daak mein koi chitthhi na aati ho
Dil baantne waala sangi na sathi ho
Be shak ho yaar tera gawaar koi samajh hi na paye
Dil bar bar haan bar bar bas toot ta hi jaye

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...
Kacche pakke aadhe poore
Sapne sapne hona zaroori hain....

Here's the link in case you want to listen to it as well
Sapne hona zaroori hain
PS - My apologies for publishing incoherent posts and comments, just tells about the mental state I am presently in. I wish I was a little more disciplined and stronger willed. Anyways, please bear with me..