Cancer Man (June 22- July 22)

My favourite question when I meet someone for the first time is "What is your Zodiac sign"? From a very young age, since the time I started taking interest in Zodiacs, until very recently, most of the men I have met, answered me with, "I am a Cancerian".Ninety percent of the men I have met till date, starting from my father, to my friends' fathers, to one of my closest friends, to most of my tuition friends, my cousin, my favourite cricketer (Sourav Ganguly- yes, I'v met Dada as well :))..phew!...everybody, yes, everybody has been a Cancerian.There was a time, when I felt that I knew a Cancer inside-out.

Following are a few personally observed Cancerian(man) attributes :

. Sweet & Innocent smile
. Very sharp and pointed nose
. Prominent cheek bones
. Extremely popular(mostly for good reasons)
. Lovable
. VERY Energetic and Always ready to help
. EXTREMELY talkative (frequency decreases/increases with age)
. Popular among the women folk(aunties, female friends, sisters)
. Never says "NO" unless it is absolutely impossible
. Stubborn (both for good and bad reasons)
. One of the MOST caring zodiacs
. Selfless
. Harmfully sentimental and sensitive
. COMPLETE foodies
. Mummy's favourites
. Mummy is their favourite as well :)
. Insanely possesive
. VERY dedicated lovers and expects the same level of dedication in return
. Think and act at the same time
. Witty
. Capable of taking good instant decisions
. Don't get angry easily, but when they do, make sure you are far far away from him.
. Loves his Sunday shopping (vegetables and other eatables)
. Emotionally dependant on loved ones

Confused ??

A says "Lead", B says "Follow".
Cadbury says "Relish", Bitter Gourd says "Swallow".
Whether to trust, whether to stiffen,
When to speak and when to listen ?
Sometime later, or, is it now ?
Not that I don't know, but, please tell me how.

I am neither a Saint, no, burglar also I am not.
That's the reason, I fall amongst the confused lot.
A says "Go", B says "Wait".
How do I know ? Is it really getting late ?
Is there a Tomorrow ? Is there a Today ?
Where is the Drop Of Golden Sun, where is the Ray?

A calls me Silly, B calls me cool !
To seek the sky from the terrace, do I need a stool ?
I am a tiny rivulet, on its journey to meet The Sea.
A says "Look in front", B says "Come with Me".
A says "Dont fall", B says "Rise and see",
"There is the new Sun, there is God and that is your Sea.

Still peeping through the keyhole of a glass door?
No, finally, I am not confused anymore !!!