A Calcuttan in The Pink City II

Jan 14th 6:53pm

Winter in Jaipur. Temperatures touch a degree centigrade here. Brrrrr. That’s like -15 degrees for this particular person, whose blog you are currently reading.

Two full sweaters, one jacket, two socks are my daily wear during these months.
One of the worst things to do in hostel life is ‘washing clothes’. I have given up on the hope of ever being successful in cleaning towels. I have tried all possible and feasible combinations – washing powder, soap cake, warm water, boiling hot water, but I am yet to achieve the first visible victory. Henceforth, all my towels will be either washed by others/ machines or I will change my towels once every three months.

Feeling homesick…Okay, I know that was abrupt, but I didn’t know how to bring it up. Not that I keep dreaming of places in Calcutta but I really miss a few things. I badly miss my singing classes, my wardrobe, my terrace, maachher jjhol, my cooking sprees, my tiny little bed and the window next to it.

These posts will be outdated when I finally post them. I do not get the time or opportunity to publish my posts, but I make sure I write as many as I can (offline).

P.S – You will always find my posts containing Calcutta instead of Kolkata. The reason being simple – I like Calcutta more. One city which has three forms of names, English – Calcutta, Hindi – Culcuttah and Bengali – Kolkata. I prefer and will always prefer the English name.
I’d also like to add one more thing here – I have heard Kolkata being pronounced peculiarly all over (even on national news channels), just want to help you pronounce it right – it is “Coal-Kaata”.