Creativity strikes at 2

Jaipur, 2:10 a.m

Strategic Business Management: name of the subject I am supposed to write a test on in exactly 10 minutes less than 12 hours time. Have been going through a lot lately and could not find a reason to blog. Well, not the right time practically to write now but there's no knowing when creativity strikes.
'Just took a break from studying and decided to watch Dhobi Ghat, which was stored in my D drive for quite some time now.
"A 90 minute movie that does not have a story...boring...couldn't understand when it began and when it or how it ended...." was what I had heard about this movie.
I just finished watching it. Creativity is contagious I gess. I am blogging...
Dhobi Ghat is an art film having some spectacular artwork.
  • Beginning with the photography, the frames, where they show "A movie by Kiran Rao" followed by the terrace scene displaying "Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)" - Tushar Kanti Ray, the director of photography.
  • A film that had all the actors performing stupendously and not just Amir Khan.
  • The guitar pieces played in the background.
  • The Tthumri.
  • The story (um sorry..the diaries).
  • The silent life of Arun.
  • The black and white stills - Jyotika Jain.
  • Yasmin Noor and her three letters.
  • Munna, his life and his dreams
  • Shai

If you haven't stopped expecting good art movies being made, this one is for you. Go watch it!

I loved Dhobi Ghat...You tell me....Did you?