Expecto patronum

I am a double Capricorn, probably among the most pessimistic of all zodiacs. There are like half a dozen dementors chasing me day in and day out. But, ha, I have discovered a way of chasing away those dementors. Why of course, I will share the secret with you.

Remember what Prof. Lupin told Harry Potter before he was taught to conjure the patronus charm? He asked Harry to think of a happy memory, a very powerful one. Dementors are creatures(in Harry Potter- the book) which suck out happy feelings from a person and makes one believe they can never be happy again. Our life is full of sadness, like we say "Life is not fair" and there are very few instances of happiness we come across. If we keep thinking about those sad memories, our lives will only stagnate..

Imagine, please - We are like electrons in the outermost shell of an atom. Each day, we lose some energy and fall back on to the lower orbit and in the process, get closer to the nucleus. This cycle continues and one day we cease to exist. That is the day we fall into the nucleus and become one with it. All this while we haven't fallen out into space, because of the attraction with which the nucleus was pulling us towards it. We know, we are the electrons, wondering who the nucleus is? GOD ofcourse. So, no matter how terrible a shock you go through, you can never fall out into space just like that. There is a very strong force which is guarding you always. We lose energy only to become one with The Almighty and moreover, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed(remember?), then why do we allow ourselves to lose on motivation? HE might take away everything from you but HE will never leave you.

God, when will you take Chemistry away from me? I still have nightmares that I am being forced to give an exam I am not prepared for and it is only after I reach the hall that I am informed it is the Chemistry paper. I wake up each time shocked and horrified, consoling myself that it was 9 years ago I passed my last chemistry exam. Phew!

I have been going through a lot of disorientation for the last couple of months (14 months to be precise). Prior to Roshni's wedding, I was in a mess. Things have changed and they look better because I see them differently now. The scenario remains the same, the one thing that changed was my approach to the whole thing.
I had a blast at the wedding. Forgot about the tensions and the worries, smiled and laughed like I haven't in ages (even danced on a dance floor at the sangeet).
I was having great difficulty in dancing with a 4 inch heel, so, I opened my shoes and stepped on to the floor. All those lights beneath the dance-floor made it really hot. I asked my niece Dona, "How are you dancing? Isn't it extremely hot?"
She said, "They make it hot on purpose, so that you have to jump on it".
Don't know whether that is true or not, but the hidden truth in it knocked me real hard.

All this while, I wanted to dance, but I made it difficult for myself because I was wearing a high heel, I wasn't comfortable in. I got rid of it, but wasn't really putting in the best of efforts, that is when the floor felt hot and I started jumping (literally).

Sometimes... you NEED shocks in your life...you NEED them to put you back on track...

Get rid of all your discomforts, chuck that long face, it is all in your head, believe me. If you have to be sad, be sad only because it is taking long, very long for you to meet the nucleus. It will, however, take us some more time, to realize, that, The nucleus(GOD) and the electrons(parts of YOU) are not separate entities. When they exist, they exist together and when they end, they die together. It is just space and time that separates them.

Life is a sad journey, full of viruses, the happy memories are the antibiotics which you have to store with you and use them to ward off those swine flu's and common colds (yesss, I used Biology this time).
Look the dementor in the eye, think of a very happy memory, a powerful one, concentrate, smile (comes with a lot of practice on such situations) and yell (this is instinctive) - "EXPECTO PATRONUM"