At the receiving end...

Aaro aaro Probhu aaro aaro....
Music Director - Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyricists - Kumaar, Vishal Dadlani
Singers - Mohit Chauhan, Shekhar Ravjiani, Shruti Pathak

Naina laggeyan baarashan
Tu sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Rove palkan de kone vich neend meri

Naina laggeyan baarishan
Hanju digde ne chot lage dil te
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Rut birha de badlan di chhaa gayi

Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya in raahon mein
Ab mera.. kuch bhi nahi
Har pal har lamha
Main kaise sehta hoon
Har pal har lamha
Main khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon

Tujhe bhula diya oo
Tujhe bhula diya oo
Tujhe bhula diya oo
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya.. oo
Mujhe rula diya .

Teri yaadon mein likhe jo
Lafz dete hai sunaai
Beete lamhe poochhte hain
Kyun hue aise juda.. khuda
Khuda mila jo yeh faasla hain
Khuda tera hi yeh faisla hain
Khuda hona tha woh ho gaya
Jo tune tha likha

Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya in raahon mein
Ab mera.. kuch bhi nahi
Har pal har lamha
Main kaise sehta hoon
Har pal har lamha
Main khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon

Tujhe bhula diya oo
Tujhe bhula diya oo
Tujhe bhula diya oo
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya.. oo
Mujhe rula diya .

Naina laggeyan baarishan
Tu sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Rut birha de badlan di chhaa gay

Dol pal tujh se juda thha,
Aise phir rasta muda thha,
Tujh se main khone laga,
Juda jaise hone laga,
Mujh se kuch mera

Tu hi mere liye abb kar dua,
Tu hi is dard se kar de juda,
Tera hoke tera jo main na raha,
Main yeh khud se kehta hoon,

Tujhe bhula diya oo
Tujhe bhula diya oo
Tujhe bhula diya oo
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya.. oo
Mujhe rula diya .

I've never felt like this before

As if I have never said this to myself, but, each time you say this, you know that this time it is different. It is either better or worse than all the other previous experiences.
The strangest part is that I cannot compartmentalize it into any one category.
Quite Happy, Very Sad, Extremely Confused.
My platter now is full.

It always helps talking to the 'person' who never talks back, He who is the Best listener...
I hope You are listening...

Nargisi Kofta

Diwali breaks and I am back home. With all the festivities around, this time I have to cook up something really special. So here you go ladies and gentlemen - Nargisi Kofta ..only for you.

For this you will need:

Minced Chicken
Boiled eggs
Chopped onions
Chopped tomato
Turmeric powder
Coriander leaves
Coriander powder
Cumin powder
Chopped green chillies
Whole garam masala
Red chilli powder
Cumin seeds
Ginger garlic paste

To the minced meat add little chilly powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and salt. Use your hands to mix it thoroughly. This mixture has to form a layer around the boiled eggs. This paste can get real sticky and you may find it difficult to handle, hence smear your hands with some water and spread a plastic sheet on the kitchen counter. Take the meat mixture equal to the size of a boiled egg and spread it evenly on the plastic sheet like a usual Papad mixture. Now take an egg and place it in the center of the meat spread and wrap the plastic around the egg.
If you find this cumbersome, you can use your own method to coat the egg with this meat mixture. Once all the aggs are covered, heat oil in a pan and deep fry these eggs. Fry them for about 3 minutes.

Make a paste in your Grinder:
Chopped tomatoes and fried almonds(fried almonds do not stick to the bottom of the pan)

For the gravy:
Heat some oil, add whole garam masala, cumin seeds, chopped onions, salt, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder. Once this is well cooked, pour into this the tomato and almond paste. Cook it in a low flame but keep stirring. Add green chillies and curd once the oil starts to come out. Then add water.

Once the gravy comes to a boil and you are happy with its consistency, add in the koftas.

Garnish it with chopped coariander leaves and you are done.

Note: The snap above has been taken from

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Like any other normal day, I set out from my home to office. My office cab was always on-time, it took me thirty minutes to reach Saltlake, where my office is situated. As I disembarked in front of the gates and lighted a cigarette, I walked past a group of girls. I heard them chirping behind me -
Shruti: "Hey check out that new guy on the block; isn't he handsome?"
Angela: "He sure is, must be in his mid twenties".
"Stop flirting girls", chipped in the more serious Bhavna, "No chance for you, 'heard, he's already engaged and going steady with this pretty girl called Savi".
Angela: "How do you manage to get these informations Bhavna, you idiot".
Bhavna: "Yeah, me what you want to, but the bottom line is that you've got 'no chance. I also managed to see Savi's snaps on his mobile, by God, she is good looking. Oh and by the way, your handsome hunk is called Tatya".

I reached the lift, pressed the button, still slightly tensed from the conversation I had last evening with my new Lines Manager. After a three-month training period, I finally managed to clear it all and today was going to be my first day at floor.

"Hi Tatya!! Everybody here, meet your new colleague Tatya", introduced my Lines manager, Gora. I shook hands with Riddhi, Kaushik, Vivek, Rohan, Sampriti, Sagnik and Briti.

Fifteen months have passed since that first day. Today I am the most loved character in the floor. I know the details to everybody's life, I assist them in making important decisions, starting from my Manager to my cab driver, everyone smiles, cares and loves me. Riddhi and Rohan were going together when I had joined, but the scene changed after a few months when a new girl called Sushmita joined office. Rohan and Sushmita are now married. Riddhi is now going around with Sagnik. I sometimes have to keep my mobile switched-off because of the number of calls I keep recieving from these two lovebirds.
Riddhi: " Tatya!! You wont believe what Sagnik did today, he took me out in his new WagonR and was caught by a Police, he didn't even carry his liscence, can you imagine?. If this is the kind of responsibility he has, what will he end up doing post marriage?"
Or, Sagnik : "Hey dude! do something for me yaar, Please call up Riddhi and ask her to come out with me tomorrow. She doesn't want to go out with me anymore, she calls me irresponsible, can you believe it, calls 'ME' irresponsible, I tell you these silly girls, they never understand".
Briti di is one serious and moody character who very seldom speaks. We keep asking her as to why she is still single..she smiles at times and at other times just gives us a cold look. The only person in the floor who is allowed to play jokes on her, is me. Briti di takes serious interest in astrology. She is around 32 years old. She always maintained her stance of remaining single because, she had once gone through a "situation", which would "never be accepted by any man", she used to say. We never asked her about it, she never told us about it as well.

I myself have had a complicated affair with Savi and reach my wits end trying to figure out, what exactly these girls want, although I admit having wronged her in the past and rationalise all her tantrums to that one year of pain and suffering she had to go thorugh because of me. But all said and done, I am a changed person now, Sagnik is right, these silly girls, tch. But I love Savi, I love her a lot. She is all I have ever dreamt my wife would be like. Quiet (that is when she is not screaming), beautiful, docile and submissive, obedient, extremely childish, emotional and my doll.

It wasn't like this always. Things had gone drastically wrong several months ago and I was completely broken down when Savi rebelled to my atrocities one day and said that she was tired of my not being able to commit to her for my a, b, c, d reasons and that she wanted to call the affair off. I realized my mistakes and tried my level best to make it up to her, but by then, she had lost faith.

Briti di had consoled me at that point saying, Savi would one day come back to me and we would be happily married.
Savi and I had a terrible fight few months back and I had lost all hope. I telephoned Briti di and screamed at her telling her not to make crap prophecies. She listened to all that I said very patiently and then came up with her story.
She used to study in a North Indian residential university. The city is situated on the banks of the river Ganges. It is a religious abode for the Hindus. Millions of peole visit the place for various religious purposes. Even its burning ghats are famous for different rituals and occult practices. While in college, she came across this saint( Naga Sanyasi- The Naked saint), who (as she says) had hypnotised her to become his follower and imparted to her the knowledge of astrology. Once the Guru was absolutely sure of her training, he asked her for a sacrifice (Gurudakshina-something a student has to sacrifice or give in the honour of the teacher as the price for his/her teachings). Briti was confused, she had never thought about this before. There was a time, when she even drank undistilled, raw alcohol from the skull of a dead man from the burning ghats nearby with her Guru and His other disciples. She asked her Guru what sacrifice he had to make as a student. He removed his loincloth to reveal his abdomen, and Briti almost fainted when she saw that Guruji had to sacrifice his reproductive organ. He told her that she would have to lose her chastity to one of his followers.
Briti di's voice became very serious over the phone. "Now you know why I say that the person who marries me will have to posess a very big heart?"
I was unable to speak. After a couple of seconds of silence, Briti di spoke again, "If I told you that the two of you would be happy together, then believe me, it will be so. I had to give such a big sacrifice, in order to learn this, i cannot be wrong, my predictions cannot be wrong".
Her existence was mechanical, her voice was a monotone, she never expected anything good to ever happen to her. Then came Sumit da, the way, a hero appears in a hollywood flick. He joined our office as the operations head for a period of one month, within which he proposed marriage to Briti. Sumit was a very jovial character but in no time after having proposed Briti, he became extremely serious. We guessed that Briti must have told him about her shocking past. Within the next one month we received wedding invites from both Sumit and Briti's side. They were getting married - Briti was getting married.
Today, as I look back to the torments our relationship has gone through, I only look up to heaven and thank God that Savi and I are finally getting married in another two weeks time. Briti di was right, Savi is mine and will always remain so in this birth and in all the rest to come.


Thus I complete a year away from home. Congratulations to me!!!
There is so much I have learnt, there is so much I have seen but I have given up on the food they serve here...impossible!!
A couple of months more to go and then....



When you get just a couple of hours to sleep in a day
When you see your blog rank going up and down once every two months and you still can't force your brains to produce any creative juice
When you wake up each morning only to forget what day of the week it is
When the piled up clothes and you look each other in the eye, the former yells out "Please... we need a wash, you know it right?"
When you learn to look at things from a different perspective and soon after get lost in the same
When you wake up in the morning (each day) before your alarm goes off
When you have fever and you don't get the time to visit a doctor and the fever and you take care of each other

You know you are .........................

(Can you guess and fill up the blank?)
It rains cats and dogs...the streets, the trees, the beings, especially the peacocks, dance with joy. Young and old purposefully get drenched and look here and there with a sense of "happy guilt" when stared upon. The trees which dried up (read died up) during the summers, get back a new life and shine bright green (of various shades) in their newly found plumage. They look like they have just taken a much needed bath and that too after a very long time. Miles and miles of stark barren, 'depressed' land, which for an entire year kept staring and gaping at the sky now get to quench their thirst

Rejuvenation!! Everywhere!!


A place lost in time...Alwar district in Rajasthan has a lot many stories to tell. Either through the dilapidated palaces or through the chhatris or the forts or even through its wildlife. One such city lost in time is the city of Bhangarh, rated as one of the most haunted places by the Government of India (Archeological Survey). Entry into the premises before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. All that remains of the city is the palace, a few temples, some havelis and the main market.

The Palace

Someshvara Temple


If the last 8-9 months saw me complaining about the incessant heat and the unbearable cold, cribbing about the nonavailability of non-veg food at the hostel, making faces at the "lauki" or the plain "masoor ki daal" and roti, the last two months was a complete opposite. I had the best of foods at the best of restaurants in my favorite city.
Try and stay away from home atleast once in your lifetime. The love and affection you get upon returning home for that short period is a heavenly experience. You don't have to ask for your favorite food, you get it naturally not just at your home but at relatives' places as well. If you cannot manage time to visit them, they come down to see how much you have changed (in my case how much weight I have lost/gained...etc)...of course along with your favorite dish cooked and handed over in a tiffin box :).
Well I have seen and done the same for friends and relatives and have heard stories before but it is the first time for me, hence I would confess, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Flame and grill,
6 Ballygunge Place
Flavours of China
Pepper Chino
Silver Oak
Food court (South City, Highland Park)
China Town
Grub Club
Many more...

Got to attend a wedding in the family, a house warming of Wrik's new flat and a ride (to one of those "many more" food joints) in my Dada's brand new car. All this, along with 6 weeks of hectic internship schedule. My visit to Calcutta was choc-a-bloc.
Now that it is time for me to start packing my bags again, I feel the pace slowing down a bit. The two months re-playing itself in slow-motion. The smiling-faces, the loving hugs, the delicious dishes (slurp), the hustle-bustle of the metropolis all receding in the background.
The countdown has begun and the battlefield awaits me.
But this time Jaipur, I am thoroughly reloaded and refueled. I am ready to devour all the "lauki's" you have in store. "Shonar Kella", we will surely meet this year.

Oh, by the way, I have finally seen the end of Finance and thank God, seen it off in style :) . So, am happy with myself for more than a couple of reasons.

Jaipur!! here I come...

Thanks to my project

Thanks to my project I got to meet so many people I had lost contacts with. Thanks to my project, my friends got in touch with so many of their contacts they had not been in touch with.

Thanks to my Speechless, I can tell the whole world that I have a lovely bunch of friends and relatives.
Babua (I got to meet one of his "Mankus"), Papu, Roshni-Babua, Bulta dada and ofcourse Tamaghna (met one of his best friends and his wife - Prashant and Kusumika).

I want you all and the world to know that I am real glad I got to know you, either by birth or by chance and am honoured you don't forget me when I time and again decide to go on hibernation-mode/absconding-mode.

Love you all...
Please do not change...

Ab mujjhe koi...

Ab mujhe koi intezaar kahaan
Ab mujhe koi intezaar kahaan
Wo jo behete they....abshaar kahaan

Aankh ke ek gaaon mein
Raat ko khwaab aate they
Chhuney se behete they
Bole toh kehete they
Udhte khwaabon ka aetbaar kahaan

Ab mujjhe koi intezaar kahaan...

Movie: Ishqiya
Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyricist: Gulzar
Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj
Link to the song

Speech of the day...

My cousin Bro says :

One of the several reasons for the terrible performance of KKR -

"The love Sourav Ganguly has for Ajit Agarkar is a lot more, when compared to the combined love Ajit's friends, relatives and loved ones have for him..."

Chicken Homecoming...

Ingredients :

Mustard Oil
Onions - grated or chopped
Ginger-Garlic paste
1 Cup curd mixed well along with Turmeric powder, red chilly powder, dhania powder, salt and sugar.
Lemon juice

Whole spices:

Cloves (Lobongo),
Green cardamoms (Elach),
Black cumin (Kalo jeera),
Methi (Fenugreek seeds)
Mustard seeds (Shorshe)
A pinch of Hing (Asafoetida)
Dry whole red chillies


Heat mustard oil in a pan, add to it all the whole spices and fry till Methi turns golden brown.
Add to this the onions and fry till it starts changing colour, then add in the ginger-garlic paste. Fry for about 5 minutes.

The chicken goes into the pan next. Once the chicken starts giving out the juices and changes colour wait till the juices dry up. Now add the curd, well beaten along with the turmeric, red chilly, dhania powders and salt and sugar.

Cook for another 15 minutes and add water if you want (this dish would be better off without any gravy. The above picture shows a lot of it though, but that was because I was forced to stop cooking. The people around had suddenly gotten very hungry).

The secret to the taste lies in the addition of lemon juice saved for the end.
Garnish with fresh coriander.
Serve hot.

Try it, it is really yummy.

Banvra mann...

Lyrics - Swanand Kirkire
Composed by - Shantanu Moitro
Film - Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi
Painting - Sunrita Dutta

Banvra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna
Banvra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna...

Banvre Se Mann, Ki Dekho Banvri Hain Baatein
Banvre Se Mann, Ki Dekho Banvri Hain Baatein
Banvri Si Dhadkane Hain, Banvri Hain Saansen
Banvri Si Karvaton Se, Nindiya Door Bhaage
Banvre Se Nain Chaahe, Banvre Jharokhon Se, Banvre Nazaron Ko Takna.
Banvra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna...

Banvre Se Is Jahan Main Banvra Ek Saath Ho
Is Sayani Bheed Main Bas Haathon Mein Tera Haath Ho
Banvri Si Dhun Ho Koi, Banvra Ek Raag Ho
Banvri Si Dhun Ho Koi, Banvra Ek Raag Ho
Banvre Se Pair Chahen, Banvre Tarano Ke, Banvre Se Bol Pe Thirakna.
Banvra Mann, Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna...

Banvra Sa Ho Andhera, Banvri Khamoshiyan
Banvra Sa Ho Andhera, Banvri Khamoshiyan
Thartharati Low Ho Maddham, Banvri Madhoshiyan
Banvra Ek Ghooghta Chahe, Haule Haule Bin Bataye, Banvre Se Mukhde Se Sarakna,
Banvra Mann, Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna...

Calcutta, as I have have seen it in the last two days, has changed a lot.

6 months, it took for me to come back home. The excitement, the last minute packing, the PNR status, the screwed up last Macro Economics exam, all kind of seems to justify what I am feeling now.

The city still has the same impatient crowd, the increasing tendency to storm South City mall on Sundays, the same disgusting food in the food court South City, a lot more variety available now than before though, the same faces telling me "Tui ki aaro roga hoye gechhish?" or "Oma!! tor chul ta koto boro hoye gachhe".
The fact that you get to understand the expletivess used by passersby and you smile "Hey, I am home".
The heat here in Calcutta suddenly gets so likeable for the very first time (when compared to the one back in Jaipur). I was surprised to see a cactus planted in one of the pots at the hostel (in Jaipur) terrace all burnt up due to the heat and I thought cactus was suited for the deserts.
The best part is that I would not have to care about gender differences for the next month and a half while conversing in Hindi.

Coming back home also gives me the access to one of my favorite places, the kitchen, Stay tuned for some yummy recipes on Speechless.

A realization - ever since I have been able to understand the world around me, i have noticed that everything around seems to change and if watched closely, actually has never been with you. The only constant factor is the self and its faith. It's all an illusion and a very colourful one too. The sooner you understand that, the better for you. But we will always remain silly because we love to cry, laugh, get angry and love the colours of the changing surroundings and then get affected by it.

The only time when the independant variables change due to the dependant ones.

I am not very fond of Accounts (although, I am pretty decent with numbers) and I have a question for the ones who are a little better in it than myself. Please tell me something - What kind of asset is the Sentimental Value and Faith? Does it ever depreciate? (You're not allowed to tell me "Silly girl, it is not an asset").

Typing Speed II

44 words

Typing Test

Hold on and don't shed a tear


Can I get a Hug (GOD)? I think I used up the last one...

My First Roli-Moli

There is a custom of tying a thread round the wrist and applying a red tika followed by few grains of rice on the forehead of guests.

I was summoned to do this act of greeting-the-guest, for the CEO of Mart, Mr Pradeep Kashyap.

It was for the very first time that I even set my eyes upon a thali containing the Roli-Moli. It is a decorated small thali containing two tiny round containers – one filled with a red wet tika and the other had rice, it also had a huge roll of red-yellow thick and strong thread and ofcourse sweets. The moment Jyoti, my assistant for the occasion was given the tray, the guest arrived. I did not even get a chance to ask HOW it was to be done…

Luckily… all these years of hindi cinema viewing came to my rescue but there was still a HUGE problem. There was no way that thick thread would or possibly could be torn by me. Luckily Dheera, a Punjabi girl was nearby(very near actually) She helped me by tearing a small enough piece out of that scarily thick thread roll, while our guest was buzy greeting seniors from the management.

Finally, he faced me. My hands trembled as I dipped my thumb in the red tika pot. I applied it on his forehead. There was almost no visible red sign there. I wasn’t sure whether the rice grains would at all stick on that negligible little red mark. Nevertheless, I tried and to my utter relief, two grains decided to stare back at me from his forehead. I finished by tying the thread around his wrists.

“My Blessings for you”, smiled Mr.Kashyap.
My still trembling hands folded into a Namaste and “Thank You”.

Phew!! Singing in front of a packed auditorium is easier. Atleast you get to practice and you most definitely are informed well in advance.

The Voice of GOD…

My Darling Child…
Some things are left unsaid…
Do I have to come and tell you…I Love You?
Do I have to tell you I am there to look after you?
When will you understand?
It is only for you I make the moon look different each night.
I feel good when you notice and smile at it.
Only for you I make the sun rise in the east and set in the west
“Look to the east in the morning…In the evening, look to the west”
My darling, I wouldn’t say it all…
For there are some things that are left unsaid…

I will not tell you, I am there when you smile,
I take you in my arms, when you’re in pain.
I am there in the sunshine and I am there during the rain.
From the moment you wake up…
Till long after you have gone to bed,
My Darling, I wouldn’t say it all
For there are some things that are left unsaid…

In your lifetime, always look out for me.
Try to make sure when I am there with you,
You don’t end up asking – “Who is He?”
I wouldn’t tell you I was there; I wouldn’t tell you that we just met.
My Darling, I would never say it all…
For there are some things; I always leave unsaid…



A Calcuttan in The Pink City II

Jan 14th 6:53pm

Winter in Jaipur. Temperatures touch a degree centigrade here. Brrrrr. That’s like -15 degrees for this particular person, whose blog you are currently reading.

Two full sweaters, one jacket, two socks are my daily wear during these months.
One of the worst things to do in hostel life is ‘washing clothes’. I have given up on the hope of ever being successful in cleaning towels. I have tried all possible and feasible combinations – washing powder, soap cake, warm water, boiling hot water, but I am yet to achieve the first visible victory. Henceforth, all my towels will be either washed by others/ machines or I will change my towels once every three months.

Feeling homesick…Okay, I know that was abrupt, but I didn’t know how to bring it up. Not that I keep dreaming of places in Calcutta but I really miss a few things. I badly miss my singing classes, my wardrobe, my terrace, maachher jjhol, my cooking sprees, my tiny little bed and the window next to it.

These posts will be outdated when I finally post them. I do not get the time or opportunity to publish my posts, but I make sure I write as many as I can (offline).

P.S – You will always find my posts containing Calcutta instead of Kolkata. The reason being simple – I like Calcutta more. One city which has three forms of names, English – Calcutta, Hindi – Culcuttah and Bengali – Kolkata. I prefer and will always prefer the English name.
I’d also like to add one more thing here – I have heard Kolkata being pronounced peculiarly all over (even on national news channels), just want to help you pronounce it right – it is “Coal-Kaata”.

A Calcuttan In The Pink City

An ardent moon gazer and a fanatic fish lover wonders while sitting in the aircraft, that, now that she’s finally aboard, her craze for seeing airplanes will probably diminish.

She was wrong. Her hostel is just five kilometers away from Jaipur airport and she still runs out into the terrace like a kid to see a plane touching down or taking off. The horizon is clear, no high-rises, and so no viewing obstructions. The air -traffic (for whatever reasons) is very high in the skies of Jaipur. At the same time, we have witnessed five-six airplanes blinking in the night sky. The winter skies are crystal-clear and tiny, almost invisible jet-planes, only their criss-crossing smoke-tails giving away their presence are abundant.

The first full moon in Jaipur was equally awestrucking. The moon (for whatever reasons again) appears bigger in Jaipur. I was almost taken aback when I first saw the full moon one night from the terrace. I have experienced five full moons in Jaipur since then, each of them being a precious chunk of jewel in the sky.

Now accustomed but initially I almost gave out sudden-shrieks upon coming across the seven-eight foot desert animal – Camels, on the streets, pulling carts. Poor creatures are made to have tattoos on their body. Actually body hair, in specific areas like neck, ankles and humps are cut in such a way, it forms designs giving them a tattooed look. They are used for several purposes, from using their milk for making milk products to generally as livestock, to “The Camel festival” in Bikaner. Am yet to try tea with camel’s milk.

The Pink City was founded back in 1727 by Sawai Maan Singh and it was limited within a boundary, entirely painted in pink. The gates of the boundaries would be closed by seven in the evening and all those within the premises would be safe and all those outside had to remain outside until daybreak when the gates were re-opened.

Four months in Jaipur and I keep receiving calls asking me whether or not I have put on some weight. All my friends and family had high hopes that since I was moving out for the first time, I would surely be able to gain some kilos. I keep disappointing them. The day my family comes to know that I have become healthy, they would formally invite people and treat them. Why just family, even my neighbors would distribute sweets.

Jaipur has several places of historical significance, like, Amer fort, Jaigad Fort, Nahargarh Fort (Ref: where the genuine Prof Hajra was pushed off the hills by the fake Prof Hazra (Kamu Mukherjee) in “Sonar Kella”), The City Palace, Jantar-Mantar and Albert hall.

To be contd….


Saraswati Puja
Not Yellow but Brown Saree
Very cold
Soon to be ...very hot
Calls from home
Pressure to tie the knot
No Khichudi
Still not being able to trust
Mother Teresa
Blog rank 75 to 52 :(
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