Are you...

More impulsive than me?
I have deleted my orkut account 4 times (erm, okay, 5 times). Saving the first and the last times, all the other reasons for deletion were emotional (read mental). No, I have no intentions of returning to another social networking site in the near future and I have no intentions of receiving howler e-mails and sms(s) from friends and acquaintances by deciding to delete it again..

I have, in the last one year, thought of deleting my blog about 3 times. But, this time(one of the rarer occasions), I thought of an alternative *smile*...sorry..Top Secret!!

A greater lover of Fish?
Most mommies say this to their children these days : "Eat fish... beta, and your eyesight will never fail you. You will never need a spectacle. It has Vitamin A, you see"
And most children say this to their mommies: "Uuunhh!! it has a disgusting smell, I feel like puking and moreover, too many bones to separate"

I have till date, thrown several cups of milk in the drain, fed the crows with my breakfast roti almost each day before leaving for school, thrown tantrums against vegetables (still do this), but never-ever have I refused FISH.
Arre!! where else would you find such a lot of variety?
You have the Tangra and the Parshe and the Pabda and the Chingri and the Ilish and the Guley and the Pomfret and the Topshe and the Magur and the Telapiya and the Kajri and the Bhetki and the Rui.
OMG! letme stop right here before I end up turning this into a thesis.

Oh! but I forgot the Koi and and the Chitol and the Beley and the Mourola and the...!! ur lip!!

Hmmphh!! hmmphhh!! crash!! bang!! topple!!

Speechless : "Sorry for the interruption. 'had to intervene, I will surely request her to continue with another topic next time. Till then be happy, enjoy life, do not waste food and fish...hee hee"


    On July 29, 2009 at 11:28 PM Anonymous said...

    Sorry wrong category. Instead of 'My Musings' I guess this should go into 'My mind losings'. Somebody seems to have lost a bit of their mind there. Just kidding! :o)

    Does it look like leaving comments is actually encouraging more postings? 6 per month has been your maximum so far.. 2 more days to go. Lets see if July 2009 will see a new Sunrise :o)


    Speechless should be renamed 'Speak-less'. It gets jealous when you really start going.. I was loving the list of fish names.. some of them actually sounded cute.



    It's always encouraging to rcv comments.
    As for the eccentricity, it is a sad fact that I am losing patience, I am going mad and I probably am losing my mind...TIME IS RUNNING OUT and very fast.
    Oh GOD...Please do something...let a miracle happen...

    On July 30, 2009 at 12:36 AM Anonymous said...

    Yeah! I know its encouraging to receive comments. Thats why I comment on my own blog sometimes :o) And maybe that works out.. becoz smart people are their own critics. :o)

    And Madam! Time is always RUNNING.. Never running OUT. Only we getting that feeling when we 'stand and watch' instead of 'move and act'. (That message is more to myself first!)

    And miracles do happen.. just look at the Left in the recent parliamentary elections.. :o)


    oooooooooohhh... new unpredictable style haan?
    makin ur blog speak?????
    heehee... tht was cute :)


    Hi Shambhavi...kahaan gayab ho jati ho tum.
    Anyways, my blog is very impressed by your "hee hee" :)

    And I am trying to become unpredictable, so you are spot on there, my dear :)