Tobu...Mone rekho

One of my favorite Tagore songs...

Porjaye : Prem

Tobu Mone rekho jodi doore jai chole.
Jodi puratono prem dhaka pore jaye nobopremojale.
Jodi thaki kachhakachhi,
Dekhite na pao chhaya'r moton achhi na achhi-
Tobu mone rekho.
Jodi jol ashe ankhipate,
Akdin jodi khela theme jaye modhuraate,
Tobu mone rekho.
Akdin jodi badha pore kaaje sharodo prate- mone rekho.
Jodi poriya mone
Chholochholo jol nai dakha daye noyonkone-
Tobu mone rekho.


    First of all! my apologies for posting late night comments in a 'Sunrise' blog. Kya kare... I get to blogging only when I listen to soulful songs and that normally happens after all the din of the outside world subsides. After all those capitalistic, contemporary and conventional mindsets go to sleep.

    What's with all these Bangla postings? Please put a shade of english for us born outside your holy land... c'mon Calcutta! you can do better than this!!!


    Ha ha ha...sure... but it's actually not about just Bangla postings, it's about taking some help from Tagore when I can't type in my own words...
    It's more like...when I can't write, I sing :)
    And your comments are always awaited, Sunrise overlooks the time :)


    I visit your blog everyday.. and more so when taking breaks in between work. IT industry can be crazy sometimes. Obviously I cant read the same posts over and over again so I am kinda going backwards.. post by post.. or rather english post by english post.. and I have been appreciative of your ability to use language so effectively. Words seem to dress your thoughts well. So obviously I cannot quit without leaving an appreciative comment.

    But the best solution to be assured of my regular comments.. is to blog regular posts. :)

    Dont let the precious moments go by.. they will never come back again. So freeze it in words..


    I first came across your blog in search of the lyrics "Jao Pakhi Bolo" (Antaheen), then again for "Hoyto Tomari Janya" (Teen Bhubaner Paare). Since then I have enjoyed "Sholok Bola Kajla Didi" and others. "Tobu Mone Rekho" has made me comment, especially after listening to your rendition. Keep it up.
    The writer Sunetra Gupta's English translation of the song is very good. Here is the link -


    Thanks Vikas, with "words seem to dress my thoughts well", you made my day...

    Hi Amit,
    Thank you for listening through the entire rendition.
    Incidentally, we share the same alma mater(MAC, I mean) I was in the Statistics department :)


    Words really seem to complement your expressions well. I have always found language falling short of expressing emotions entirely.. and thats how I started believing that music is a more perfect language of expression. The soul flows perfectly into the rhythmic current of music as compared to discrete packets of words.

    With my compliment, I may have made your day... but you said that so late into the night that there was hardly any day left :(


    I didn't know where to leave this clarification. I leave it here as I am not sure if you may visit my blog again :)

    You may see two changes. First the title of my blog changed and then my display name too. The earlier ones were kept while the blog was dormant for a while. Now that my blogging has picked up steam I felt like updating my profile as was relevant for today. The new title is self-explanatory.. just a tweak of a popular phenomenon. The new display name (Vicky Dada) comes from a crazy niece who watched a movie where the hero had that name and she found me like him. I chose the name as it goes well with my new blog title... and more over I feel it may sound much sweeter from a Bengali point of view. :)

    On July 24, 2009 at 5:01 PM Roshni said...

    Amazing!!!Tomar golae onno gaan i besi sunechi. Rabindra sangeet je eto bhalo lage jantam na.Just too Good!
    PS: French manicure ta darun phutechilo! arektu bhalo kore paper ta dhorte parte!


    @Rosh- French Manicure ta na beshi din thake na...max 4din...tarpor kharap hoye jaye :(


    thank you so much for posting this... i have been looking for this song for a vry long time....


    Hi Sunrita,

    Nice Post. One my most favorite songs. Here is a translation that I did - take a look.



    Thanks, was looking for the lyrics for quite some time :)

    On December 26, 2011 at 8:14 PM kinjal said...

    the song recited by tagore.. chck out


    Dear Sunrita,

    Looking for the lyrics of a Tagore song "Tobu mone rekho' I landed up at your Blogspot Speechless. You have been blessed with many talents. You communicate so very well.

    I am trying to locate lyrics of a Banglaa song " Ogo bondhu amaar, aandhaar raatey jodi aney, haat khani daao aamr haatey, aami nirbhoy,nirbhoy tomaar haather chuaa pele" Is the lyrics and song available somewhere on the net? Thank you and God bless you!

    PS: I also like kupi pataa + Mulo pataa saag a lot. It goes equally well with rice and roti.

    Himanshu Sheth,
    Coir Atlas,
    Jamshedpur. / 9334810884

    On June 11, 2014 at 1:50 AM Anonymous said...

    খুব ভাল লাগলো। খুব প্রিয় গান।

    On June 25, 2014 at 7:22 PM mukith said...

    Just discovered this song sang by the master. Great