Calcutta, we can do better than this

There are moments in your life, when you want to speak a lot but your voice chokes, when you wish to write a lot and your fingers resist, when you want to think a lot but your brain refuses to transmit the signals. Kindly accept my apologies for having gone speechless for over a month.

As per the norms of West Bengal government's transport department, every state bus needs to be changed after a period of fifteen years.

Thanks to the never-ending riots ad strikes, we get new and better state buses even before a bus has reached its dying age. They always burn down government buses. My humble request to the protestors, next time, kindly target auto-rickshaws in Kolkata, they need serious reformations.

Jokes apart, just ahead of the Lok sabha elections in India, there was this text message, that was being circulated -

"10 terrorists came by boat, 539 terrorists will soon come by Vote. PLEASE VOTE CAREFULLY"

The party we didn't vote for is attacking the MLA's on the road and the one we voted for, is voicing their displeasure against these attacks by bringing havoc on city streets by torching down buses, tormenting commuters and causing a lot of discomfort to those who a few days back voted in their favor.

Generations of bengalis have taken birth and died witnessing this chemistry between West Bengal and Strikes. The two probably have had an unsuccessful arranged-marriage in the past but neither has ever thought about a separation.

Why this vandalism in the facade of protests? Here we are in a serious dilemma as to who we vote for in the up coming Bidhan Sabha elections.

Surely we can do better than this Calcutta...can we not??

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    government today has become a nursery of ethical mess...
    be it kolkata or lucknow, people have to understand that rioting and violent protests can only enrage an issue, nt heal it.
    but we all seem to be too blind at the moment as we live with others' views and our ridiculous temper as the only yardstick.

    we all just talk about wanting a change, have we ever considered becoming a part of it?

    my sentiments wid you.

    On July 19, 2009 at 10:56 PM Anonymous said...

    For not going 'Speechless' over a month, the only person you have to apologize is yourself. Because all your readers, followers apart.. the one that truly speaks to you through your blog is yourself. A blog is probably like a mirror that captures your images at different points of time and plays it back like a movie later down the (memory) lane.

    Let your fingers do the talking, when words are hard to find..
    Let your blog show the way, when you wanna travel into your own mind.