Happy Birthday, Speechless!!

It was easy being the mother of my first blog, Speechless. Easy because, she never troubled me and at times acted as my mother when I troubled her, by ignoring her presence, using her for my own emotional benefits. She has always been patient and allowed me both space(writing space) and time(in between posts) to wade through the darker hours.

Birth is much but breeding is more...

In this case, giving birth was the easiest thing to do and breeding didn't cause any pain at all. She is one friend, who will always say, exactly what I want to hear, without whining a bit, will look like what I wish her to look like, without cribbing about the color or the style or the words being used. I talk to the mirror but the mirror never speaks back to me. "Speechless" is alive and is the mirror that talks, cries, complains, fights and smiles along with me.

The two of us have grown by one year. In the last year, the mother had to smile when all she wanted to do was cry, but the daughter cried with her heart. The mother told the world, what the world wanted to hear, when she actually wanted to scream the opposite, the daughter understood, kept quiet and waited for the older one to regain her self belief. I spoke a lot, when all I really wanted to do was run away into the lonely mountains and get lost and wished I could forget to speak. The times when, "Speechless" helped me sing a song, cook up a dish or write a few lines that somehow managed to rhyme themselves...

In this year-old journey, I've come across fellow bloggers (ones who have personal blogs) and have been surprised to notice, how much each of their blogs speak about them and how naturally gifted they are in making their blogs speak. A's blog is as lively as he is, B's blog is always up-to-date like him, C has done a great job in pruning her posts like a well manicured garden. My blog is as confused as I am.

At this time a year ago, I did not know whether I would have the patience or the skill set to continue writing this far. Now, I know, I do not posses any, i.e, patience or set of skills. But since Speechless has reached this far on its own, I am positive , that she will see many more birthdays (thankfully her mom does not forget dates).

Thank you Speechless for being there when everyone else vanished.

Thank you, all of you, who had helped her with her first few steps.
Thank you for following, for subscribing, for dropping in your valuable comments and most importantly, for giving her your company and trust.

She has proved to be a perfect Leo - generous, loving, creative and stubborn(in a positive way).
Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday.


    On July 28, 2009 at 9:55 PM Anonymous said...

    wow! this is very nice. Though I would have loved be the first to comment on your blog (ever!) at the least I am the first an year later :)

    Isnt it strange - the blog is just an year old and you (maybe) far more older than that. But in just one year it has grown to be a perfect mirror for you.. at this rate, just imagine how much more mature (or wacky or witty) it would be one more year later. In essence, I think we all grow through our blogs.

    Happy Birthday Speechless.... notwithstanding!


    I was reading my blog yesterday, from the first post onwards and noticed that I have become so predictable :).
    It is really strange how much you get to know about the blogger through his/her blog. Probably because there is more fact and minimum fiction here than there is anywhere else.

    Speechless says: "Thank you Vicky Dada" :)

    On July 28, 2009 at 10:25 PM Anonymous said...

    Yo Sunrise! Reading your blog from the beginning is the best thing to do.. especially because I have left comments on some of your old posts :)

    BTW, Vicky Dada says Jai Ho Sunrise.. for the great pointers on the Kolkata travel and cuisine. It will leave me with better memories of my trip!

    And small correction - Speechless should say 'Thank you Vicky-pedia'. Lets keep it between blogs for now.. :)


    He he...righto!!

    Speechless says : "Thank you Vicky-pedia" *blush-blush*


    :) oye hoye!
    b'day hai bhai b'day!
    happy b'day to "my first blog" aka "speechless"...
    mera cake parcel karo bhaee jaldee... :p

    On May 9, 2010 at 8:08 AM Anonymous said...

    Some how I always think writing a blog was a far more bolder adventure that writing an old fashioned diary.How far it is a mirror is for the writer to say,but it does show interesting shades of you with some amount of randomness which does make you unique with multi colored petals.When I came across your blog I knew I just had to follow because blogs of other people are also path to self discovery.So keep up the good work and yes belated wishes !