Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...

Heard this song first time when I had gone down to Bhilai. My niece had this collection of Sona Mahapatra's songs.

It caught my attention because of its lyrics. If you listen carefully, each of those sentences kind of make you smile and you say, "How true"...

Sapne sapne hona zaroori hain
Kacche pakke aadhe poore

Har doosra chehra yahaan soya-soya hain
Aisa lage sabka kuchh khoya-khoya hain
Shehron me pedh sote nahi hain
Chidiya nahi hai gaati
Yahaan raat din chalke bhi yaar manzil nahi hai aati

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...

Yahaan roz chhapte hain darr akhbaron mein
Bazaar pahunche ghar, ghar bazaaron mein
Sab suna rahen apni hi baat
Yahaan shor har kaheen hai
Dooje ko sunne ki kisi mein bhi himmat hi nahi hain

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...

Chahe daak mein koi chitthhi na aati ho
Dil baantne waala sangi na sathi ho
Be shak ho yaar tera gawaar koi samajh hi na paye
Dil bar bar haan bar bar bas toot ta hi jaye

Phir bhi sapne hona zaroori hain...
Kacche pakke aadhe poore
Sapne sapne hona zaroori hain....

Here's the link in case you want to listen to it as well
Sapne hona zaroori hain
PS - My apologies for publishing incoherent posts and comments, just tells about the mental state I am presently in. I wish I was a little more disciplined and stronger willed. Anyways, please bear with me..


    On August 4, 2009 at 1:07 AM Anonymous said...

    The lyrics are profound, but how I wish it had the depth of composition like a Veer Zaara song. Now what a coincidence! I was about to start posting on a song too. I will abort it for today as your post was dose enough! :)

    Lastly, incoherent and random thoughts arise out of a mind that is either confused about its identity or just plainly drunk :). It probably does not mean that you have lost your mind.. you are just on a journey of search.. to locate yourself in the midst of various images that the world sees you as. I feel its better to be confused than dying bit by bit in tending to the trifles of humdrum existence!


    this is a gr8 song!!!i luv it !! the lyrics say the truth of life.. i feel at some point of time everyone feels this way!!!
    i just hope you will be back to your normal self!!my kuttimashi,,very soon!!!!!!!!!!


    @ Vikas - Oh how I wish I cud be just plain drunk and shout that to be the reason for my eccentricity :)
    It is just getting more and more difficult each day....
    [Oh GOD....give me the strength...]
    @ Rubina - U r right Dona-Shona...and thank you for the lovely comment.
    Tell my oldest niece that thr is now...5...4...3..2..1 days to go...
    "Hold your fortress darling, I am reaching with the shotru-pokkho :)
    Aar kono notun plan holey...amar kintu khobor chai...."
    See you soon!!!

    On August 7, 2009 at 10:36 PM Anonymous said...

    @Sunrita -
    Trust me... You are drunk dude. Drunk with ideas that are so overwhelming that it appears like
    confusion. Drunk to the extent of asking God for help when God is right there... within you! They say the challenge is not to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach.. but to control and make them fly in formation.

    @Senorita -
    BTW, Sapna hona zaroori hai. Sapna is the name of my cute kiddish wifey and mujhe uska hona zaroori... aisa lagta hai. BTW, u both havent got introduced na?

    @Sunrise -
    You know something. That Kolkata trip fundae you provided was just indispensable. We are planning the trip in exactly the same fashion. We will be staying in Park Street somewhere so we can walk to Victoria Memorial. But most important will be to visit the school and house where my wife grew up. A trip to one of the greatest cities in the world is also going to be a walk down
    memory lane. Thank you really really really so much! You are the best thing to happen to us just before the trip). :)


    That was a very cute of the cutest I'v rcvd so far...

    I am trying to make those butterflies fly in formation...

    He he..For you the song has to be changed to "Sapna(singular not Sapne) hona zaroori hai"...
    Convey my greetings to her..

    And yes...'will expect a post on your visit to Calcutta once you're back home...
    Have a happy and safe trip :)