Narkol-Shorshe Ilish

My school-time friend, Priyanka Pal has recently turned into Priyanka Saha. Her metamorphosis has enabled her to get involved in various activities which was not undertaken by her previously. Well, in this case, I am only talking about her culinary creativity.
I started cooking since high-school, took it as a passion and simply love it.
Here is, the recipe which involves a fish that every bengali is a fan of.They literally wait round the year for this time of the season, the only time when Hilsa is available in the markets.
The following recipe belongs to Priyanka, after she shared it with me, I took her permission of posting it here and off she went, "Haan Haan..."

Ingredients :Narkol Shorshe Ilish

Narkol bata (Coconut paste)
Shorshe bata (Mustard Paste)
Kaancha lonka bata (Green Chillies paste)
Holud guro (Turmeric Powder)
Laau pata (Gourd leaves)
Ilish (Hilsa)

Method :

All the above ingredients (except the Laau pata and the threads) are to be made into a paste together and applied over the pieces of ilish. The fish, coated with this marinade, needs to be kept aside for a couple of hours (the longer, the better).

Take each of the pieces of fish and apply a fresh coating of the marinade, then wrap it around with the Laau pata and tie it up with the thread.

After all the pieces are tied up, heat some mustard oil in a pan and fry the Laau pata-covered ilish on medium flame so that the fish inside the leaves gets cooked thoroughly.

Serve along with the Laau pata and Steaming rice.

Recipe courtesy : Priyanka Pal (Saha)


    sounds yumm..


    Sometimes words can't sketch your expressions! That's what the things for me at the mmnt! Narkol-Sorshe-Ilish!!!!! I've had this so many times and each time I wanted to have more... more and a li'l more.

    Great post... great selection of recipe! Keep up!


    Hi, Shambhavi-Try making this someday and do let me know what it tasted careful with the green chilli paste..don't use bare hands :)

    Arindam-da - Next time Boudi makes ilish paturi for you, request her to try it out with the Laau pata :)


    Hi. I am the founder of a chain of botox therapy clinics in Goregaon, a suburb in Mumbai. Don't let the surname fool you. I am Punjabi married to a Bong but divorced. I tried making the recipe as mentioned above but used a steamer. I also replaced the hilsa with the Kingfish Mackerel (surmai) readily available in Mumbai's fish markets. It tasted great. I had a question? Is a two-tiered steamer (with boiling water below and the fish placed in the compartment above) good for cooking this or should I stick to a pressure cooker for greater taste. Since the upper compartment had perforations for the steam to enter, I wrapped the fish and the accompanying sauce in banana leaf. When it was ready, the yellow fish pieces and sauce over the green leaf added a great visual accompaniment.