Reporting Time...!! Sad news only...Phew!

Time for some serious reporting on what's been happening in my life lately...

'Lately' ? How lately..hmm...that has to be decided upon first.

Okay, let me not think, I'll just begin typing....

The person I loved the most...My Didibhai (first cousin)....has almost gone missing since the year her getting a job in the northern part of the country and then later, her marriage.

The last time.....

  • I was'really' Happy, was a month and a half ago.
  • I went for a vacation, was two years ago.
  • Heard about someone, who IS happy...don't remember.
  • I gave a great solo performance on-stage...a year ago.
  • I chucked swimming because of my fear of drowning in a 21 feet deep swimming pool, two years ago.
  • Sketched and painted....three years ago.
  • Sat down seroiusly for singing practice....2 months ago.
  • Cooked a real tasty dish...last year September. It was 'Chicken Overseas'.
  • Decided for the nth time, that I wanted to learn driving....a month ago.
  • Thought about taking care of my diet....this morning :)