Chicken Overseas / Rediff Chicken ®

Ingredients :

Chicken - cut into small pieces
Cinamon, Cardomom and Cloves - finely ground to a powder (Garam Masala powder)
Ginger and Garlic paste (Garlic paste more in quantity)
Tomato - cut into small pieces
Onion - finely chopped
Black Pepper

For the Marinade :
To the chicken - add black pepper powder, ginger-garlic(more in qnty) paste, salt, garam masala powder, lemon juice, mix well and keep aside for a couple of hours.

Method :

Fry the chicken pieces in vegetable oil and keep separately.
Heat some oil in another pan, add into it, tomato, finely chopped onions, very little sugar, salt and cook till onions turn golden brown. Then add in the fried chicken, toss well till the chicken mixes with the other ingredients and 'Chicken Overseas' is done.


    i dont eat chickn though...
    but i'm gonna try makin this 1 fr my boyfriend...
    thnx fr visitin my blog :)


    hey hey hey! i know who tought u this recipe..ha?
    btw, now when I read it, I wanted to make some ammendments. Instead of putting the salt and Garam Masala for marination, we should put it in the end. Otherwise, the chicken will lose the water (due to endo-osmosis) and will become dry and tough. Putting the salt in the gravy (towards the end) will keep it juicy and yummo! slurp!


    Yes...I missed out on the credits...I think that itself wud be a very good read...

    Faisal's mom taught me this wonderful recipe and Swarnendu gave me the two names to choose from, I kept both because, I liked both...
    Swarnendu's logic behind the nomenclatures -
    "Chicken Overseas" because I mailed it to him from India to San the recipe had to travel overseas and "Rediff Chicken" because, the recipe was transferred via my rediffmail to his rediffmail...
    A super-duper recipe having two super-duper names... :)

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