They Say...

Everything happens for a reason.
Days change, with every passing season.
The delicious mango, only accompanies the scorching Summer sun,
Christmas comes but once a year ; and life is not always fun.
You reap the benefits only if you work hard
Then, keep your cool, 'cause, 'Virtue is its own reward'.
'Faith will move mountains'; 'Look after number one';
'Make hay while the sun shines'; 'Easier said than done'.
'Nothing ventured, nothing gained',
And finally, 'All good things must come to an end'.


    so excellent poem.especially the second one.ur blog is also good.even i am a capricorn.thanks for rising the spirits of capricorn people.


    Thanks Sampath. I'm really glad you liked my poem.
    The only problem with Capricorns is that, we are pessimists in life...apart from that Capris Rock and Rule!! :)