It rains cats and dogs...the streets, the trees, the beings, especially the peacocks, dance with joy. Young and old purposefully get drenched and look here and there with a sense of "happy guilt" when stared upon. The trees which dried up (read died up) during the summers, get back a new life and shine bright green (of various shades) in their newly found plumage. They look like they have just taken a much needed bath and that too after a very long time. Miles and miles of stark barren, 'depressed' land, which for an entire year kept staring and gaping at the sky now get to quench their thirst

Rejuvenation!! Everywhere!!


    HEy Di...
    Hw r u?
    Sunrita Dutta?
    What happened to Sunrita Rai?


    Hey Shambhavi...long time
    I am good... How abt you?

    Nothing happened to Sunrita Rai...cos Rai is my pet name...
    I was always Dutta and I still am... :)

    Take care and keep blogging :)


    happy rains.. :P
    the green is reflected on ur blog too


    Very beautiful collection on your blog space just as you are