I've never felt like this before

As if I have never said this to myself, but, each time you say this, you know that this time it is different. It is either better or worse than all the other previous experiences.
The strangest part is that I cannot compartmentalize it into any one category.
Quite Happy, Very Sad, Extremely Confused.
My platter now is full.

It always helps talking to the 'person' who never talks back, He who is the Best listener...
I hope You are listening...


    On November 24, 2010 at 9:50 AM Anonymous said...

    Enjoy and keep sharing
    Your blog is a source of joy

    Some times it does not matter whether you talk or not with a friend , even silent company says it all.

    Read the below and explore if possible



    @Anonymous - Thank you for dropping by. The friend in this case IS a silent companion. He is God :)
    Please visit again...

    On December 5, 2010 at 12:19 AM Anonymous said...

    good blog

    On January 25, 2011 at 10:19 PM Anonymous said...

    the listener could be anyone..
    ..or anything.

    it could be the brick wall, tall and forbidding; imposing and overbearing in its audience..
    or even the rickety hole amidst the bricks of a wall of long ago.. tentative and almost apologetic in its patience.
    while one forbids even in its colossal silence, the other offers a leeway.. for thoughts,Lady.. what else did you think?

    the listener could be silent, silent because the language its being spoken to in, is pleasant in whatever form (idea! sirji)

    the listener could be silent because he/she/it is deaf.. or because he/she/it chooses to be so

    the listener could be silent in appreciation, or as it oftentimes happens with me, because she thinks its a lost case and what i say, if i had any more to say ie, doesn't matter at all.

    the silent listener could be the Lord, or it could be the devil. It could be the anticipation of birth,of something new..hope. It could be the hollowness of the lack of hope,of the beginning of the end,or of end itself.

    or most importantly, the silent listener could be anyone; anyone who hasn't been given an opportunity to talk..yet.