Calcutta, as I have have seen it in the last two days, has changed a lot.

6 months, it took for me to come back home. The excitement, the last minute packing, the PNR status, the screwed up last Macro Economics exam, all kind of seems to justify what I am feeling now.

The city still has the same impatient crowd, the increasing tendency to storm South City mall on Sundays, the same disgusting food in the food court South City, a lot more variety available now than before though, the same faces telling me "Tui ki aaro roga hoye gechhish?" or "Oma!! tor chul ta koto boro hoye gachhe".
The fact that you get to understand the expletivess used by passersby and you smile "Hey, I am home".
The heat here in Calcutta suddenly gets so likeable for the very first time (when compared to the one back in Jaipur). I was surprised to see a cactus planted in one of the pots at the hostel (in Jaipur) terrace all burnt up due to the heat and I thought cactus was suited for the deserts.
The best part is that I would not have to care about gender differences for the next month and a half while conversing in Hindi.

Coming back home also gives me the access to one of my favorite places, the kitchen, Stay tuned for some yummy recipes on Speechless.

A realization - ever since I have been able to understand the world around me, i have noticed that everything around seems to change and if watched closely, actually has never been with you. The only constant factor is the self and its faith. It's all an illusion and a very colourful one too. The sooner you understand that, the better for you. But we will always remain silly because we love to cry, laugh, get angry and love the colours of the changing surroundings and then get affected by it.

The only time when the independant variables change due to the dependant ones.

I am not very fond of Accounts (although, I am pretty decent with numbers) and I have a question for the ones who are a little better in it than myself. Please tell me something - What kind of asset is the Sentimental Value and Faith? Does it ever depreciate? (You're not allowed to tell me "Silly girl, it is not an asset").


    On April 26, 2010 at 11:22 PM Anonymous said...

    I heard that when you stay away from a city, it starts to shrink. Like when I took my wife back to Kolkata, she was shocked at how small the streets have become and how close everything was. Maybe because she walked those streets as a kid..

    The only thing constant in one's life is the soul.. may be.. but faith? Dont faiths keep changing? What about people that convert their religion? Or in more censor-able terms, what about people that were devotees of Swami Nityananda? And come to think of it - is soul constant only in one's life? or even beyond it?

    On May 2, 2010 at 6:30 PM Anonymous said...

    Sentimental values are always an asset dear child.They are what make you as an individual,a woman and as a social animal .It is always an asset.For that you need to feel things without even knowing things.That is a what a child does and is an original.To feel is the essence of wisdom.Leave out the trial balances,reconcilation accounts,balance sheet.....They are only suposed to work on the mediocrity of the masses not the brilliance of the individual.


    Thank you so much for the confirmation. It means a lot...