Remember, to remember

Have you noticed the randomness around recently, in Calcutta?
I went to Hyderabad last to last year, it was even worse.
Pedestrians are omnipresent, they cross roads as if they are going from one big room in their house to the next, totally ignoring vehicles or traffic signals. People drive depending on their horns, such that if anyone comes in front, they will be honked (read petrified or stunned), well, even if no one comes in the way, they will still keep bellowing horns declaring their presence. Walkways are absent or occupied.

People are eager to fight and snap at one another. Couped up with the burden of multiple frustrations.

From a distance it looks like a huge pile of dry grass, waiting to receive a tiny spark of fire or should i say, a dry parched patch of land awaiting the monsoon clouds.
Hoping for destruction or redemption. Easier to destroy, where one small spark would suffice but more difficult to save, where several monsoons would fall short.

Ours is a time where light will not come from an external source. We will not have a righteous leader or teacher, who the mass can follow and get redeemed. Ours is a time where we have to find the tiny spark of fire or that first drop of rain inside us. We really have to look within ourselves. He has sent us great leaders, teachers, preachers and have time and again showed us how it's done. Destroying the hopelessness and despair and rejuvenating the love and well being.

All we have to do is remember!


    Yes! we can remember, but what use is memories if it only serves as emotional baggage. History can be a great teacher, but is a very bad driver. If the revelations of history are any kind of lesson, then it is also a reminder that great things will happen but the ball will come rolling back to the base of the mountain once again. Eventually, we all just live the myth of Sisyphus.


    A young boy went to Ramkrishna Mission in order to become a monk. "The mission bases its work on the principles of karma yoga, the principle of selfless work done with dedication to God" (from their Wikipedia page). He cut his fingers while chopping vegetables/ fruits one day. That very day, he was asked to leave. Their rationale - whatever you do, you have to be dedicated because it's a service to God. Becoming a monk is not a walk in the park. One has to pay attention to the service at hand. No job is useless.
    However high or low and however many times the ball rolls down the slope, if it needs to be taken uphill, one must do it with utmost dedication and love.