Rahu Mahadasha

I must tell you at the start that I'm not an astrologer, therefore cannot assist you with any technical questions.
I choose to write about this as i have myself gone through this difficult phase and would be happy to ease the pain of others who are now under the scanner of Rahu.

18 years is no joke, but always remember, no matter how difficult or painful it gets,  Rahu will only take you to the edge of the cliff, give you a push and when you are almost certain of the inevitable, he will immediately pull you back to safety.

What to expect:

1) Lack of light around, no matter how many sources of light you may have in the house.
2) Insects and pests increase in the house.
3) Frequently malfunctioning pipes, leakage.
4) Being dishonoured by lowly people or people from a very low lineage.
5) Theft or loss of valuables.
6) Break in education or career.
7) Unrest and lack of mental peace.
8) Family discord.
9) Travel and stay abroad.
10) Higher studies.

Your good relationship with your father or a father figure is extremely crucial for a smoother Rahu period.

What to completely avoid:

1) Crab meat.
2) Alcohol and cigarettes.
3) Disrespecting and hurting parents (because Guru Mahadasha that follows Rahu is all about how you have treated your parents. Parents are your greatest guru. How pious they are will also determine how your Guru Mahadasha will be).

What to do:

1) Plant trees.
2) Pray to Goddess Durga or Chandi regularly.
3) Meditate daily (it will be EXTREMELY difficult with the total absence of mental peace, but it is essential that you try).
4) Visit temples with peaceful surroundings where you can meditate.
5) Read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. An extremely potent and powerful tool to see you through the mighty storms.
6) Practice positivity.
7) Don't expect people to make you happy, or don't wait for others to support you. Do that to yourself.
8) Spend most of your time around kids, pets or the elderly.
9) Refrain from discussing or thinking about traumatic incidents.
10) Take active part in solo artforms.
11) When nothing seems to work, fall asleep. It always helps.

Remind yourself everyday that the wonderful Guru Mahadasha is just round the corner. Hold on till then!