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I have been watching a lot of movies lately and quite a couple of them have been about real incidents from the Holocaust (Greek word, meaning "whole burnt". It was the bureaucratic, state sponsored persecution and murder of approximately 6 million Jews during the Nazi regime).
Infants to the old, sick to the healthy, rich to the poor, almost about two-thirds of all Jews residing in Europe were massacred during that time.
While searching for "What happened to the children?" I found this over the net:-
 In Holocaust Testimonies, edited by Joseph J. Preil, the survivor Aaron Schwartz recalls Plaszow and the slaughter of the Cracow ghetto:

"When I came to Plaszow the first day, they put me in a group where we were digging a huge grave .. they brought in trucks, with children, from infant to twelve years old. They were all killed .. when the children were brought in, they were shot, right in that grave ..
A little girl, a beautiful blond girl, sat down in the grave, dressed in an Eskimo white fur coat, was all bloody, and asked for a little bit of water .. this child swallowed so much blood, because it was shot in the neck. And then it started to vomit so terribly. And then it lay down and it says, "Mother, turn me around, turn me around." ..
This child did not know what happened to it. It was shot, it was half-dead after it was shot. And this child sat down in the grave, among all the corpses, and asked for water .. it was still alive. There was no mother, just children brought from the Cracow ghetto.
So this little girl lay down, and asked to be turned around. What happened to it? I do not know. It was probably covered alive, with chlorine .. I am sure, because they did not give another shot to that girl .."

Over one million children under the age of sixteen died in the Holocaust - she was one of them ...


    well this could be a working title perhaps: 'No one kills the children anymore..'

    couple of more documentaries you maybe interested in -
    1. Apocalypse World war 2 (Nat Geo) --> highly rated as the best documentary ever
    2. Part 2 of World War 1 & 2 (BBC)
    2. Hearts and Minds (this one is on the Vietnam War)

    btw, the title is froma song that I love called the Gunner's dream.. it goes something like this..

    and no-one kills the children anymore
    and no-one kills the children anymore

    night after night
    going round and round my brain
    his dream is driving me insane
    in the corner of some foreign field
    the gunner sleeps tonight
    whats done is done
    we cannot just write off his final scene
    take heed of his dream
    take heed

    - Partha


    @Partha: Thank you for caring enough to think about a title and also for the list of documentaries.
    I'll surely see them sometime...

    Please visit again...


    Holocaust complete information .