Oh God!! I love movies...

At 1 in the morning today, I had this strange realization, that fantasy and/or period movies are far better when compared to any other genre movies, particularly Hollywood flicks. Well, here’s my take on it.

Warning: Do not attempt to watch back-to-back Hollywood movies if you are staying away from home and living in a hostel.

I mean, they are always EATING in films. WHY?

In case it is a romantic movie – They obviously eat out on dates.

In case it is an action movie – They are eating when they are not taking part in action.

In period or fantasy movies, they show kings burdened with the ruling of a country which is at war or the central protagonist (usually, for whatever reasons – unclean) on some quest and in each of those cases either do not get the time or the suitable environment to dine properly and even if they are shown to be eating food, it is usually a large, fat roasted pig/chicken/some other animal, which would be eaten in the most unmannerly of fashions and you would rather prefer watching it being eaten than wanting to eat it yourself.

Contrary to this, the other genre movies are ALWAYS showing the central protagonist or whoever is visible on screen gorging in awesome food. From the clink-clink of the cutlery to the greens and the reds and the browns of the food stuck on them to the steam issuing out of it followed by the completely satiated expressions on their faces screams at you – “Mmm, I am eating and you are either paying or staying awake to watch me eat (and probably feeling hungry at the same time)”. How’s that? Are these eating scenes specifically added into the movies for the Cineplex audiences, such that they feel the urge to munch and order for food at the theatres? I do not know.

The first movie I watched tonight was The Holiday, where the characters would eat occasionally and the second movie was Oceans Eleven – Brad Pitt was shown to be eating, in nearly ALL the scenes. While searching for the above picture over the net, I found a comment thread on “Why is Brad Pitt always eating in all the Oceans movies?”

So, what did I do as a result (of the terrible frustration accompanied by the massive appetite it caused me)? At precisely 12:45 a.m. I pressed the pause button on my laptop (just as Julia Roberts was about to devour something delicious from the white Chinaware in a Las Vegas restaurant), went to the kitchen on the third floor carrying with myself a packet of Maggi Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup and made myself a part of it.

On my way down the dark staircase, I met this love-stricken young lady, whispering sweet nothings into her mobile phone, cursed her for almost tripping down along with the bowl of hot soup in my hand on her plugged-in charger coil. She reminded me of having crossed that age when I could sit on the staircase, oblivious to the number of buzzing and biting mosquitoes swarming around me and going on talking or listening to my “Prince Charming”….

Oh God! I love movies, or do I?