Just a little bit more....

I know it's not fair to expect someone to feel someway for me, to expect that HE would understand when I don't even know where HE is and what HE is cooking up for me...but as I continue to make the same unfair mistake over and over and as I continue to stick my head out of the window trying to look at what is coming ahead, ignoring the lamp posts in the way, I can only sit back and think lazily about the strange number....ticking behind my mind and continuously whining to HIM..."Why me...When me (and louder still)...Why can't I see?"

It is like looking at a beautiful chocolate syrup dripping from an unseen container at the top and falling on the freshly iced chocolate cake, kept right beside a few dollops of heavenly-white vanilla ice-cream ready to be pounced upon and then realizing that you are sitting on the wrong side of the TV.


    On July 20, 2011 at 10:51 PM Anonymous said...

    This is just a train of thought and not a discourse in any way..

    The picture in the TV may be yummy but isn't it just a very narrow of vision of only what is in front of the camera? The beauty of the TV/media world is that things are made to look good as long as they are in front of the camera. There is a lot of rubbish going on behind and around the camera that we dont get to see.. na?

    On the other side of the TV (which you call the 'wrong' side) is reality. There is no camera here (provided we dont narrow our vision down to a camera-like attitude) and here is truth. Truth is not yummy like an ice-cream, but its not cold at its heart too. Truth is not covered in chocolate syrup, but it definitely leaves a sweet after-taste..

    Just think..