Roshni gets married...

My oldest niece, Roshni just had a grand-monsoon wedding. One of the loveliest and the most memorable weddings I have ever attended.

Many of us, from all over the country united for that one special occasion at the steel city of Bhilai. The festivities included the train journey to Bhilai ( if you have traveled overnight in a group in order to attend a wedding and back, you sure know how fun-filled it can get) , the aiburo-bhaat, the sangeet, the wedding, journey back to Howrah(along with the bride and the groom) and ofcourse, the reception. Rosh looked beautiful on each of her special days.

Met several of Rosh-Pradyumna's friends who had come down from various places. Lovely bunch of people, each one of them (Deepa, Sandip, Srijit-da).
Another person who has to be mentioned is Anrit-da, the same person who helped Rosh, Dona and myself, with the tour at Bhilai Steel Plant two months back. He deserves a round of applause for the precision with which he managed the entire event. I asked him my favorite question(in case you didn't is "What is your zodiac sign?" ) and he answered, "I am a Virgo".

[I think I know enough Virgos now, to be able to confidently publish a post on them...Stay tuned]

A few posts back I had mentioned my sister, the one who's my favorite and I hadn't met for several years, I got to meet her yesterday at the reception.

Finally, I officially turn mashi-shashuri at 27... :)

The hangover of this wonderful event would stay with all of us for a long time.
Here's wishing both Roshni and Babua, a very happy married life.

PS - I took the above snap in the morning of her wedding day, right after she was made to wear the shaakha-pola ( the red and the white bangles ) before the haldi ceremony.


    there's sumthn about weddings that make me happy no matter how low m feelin prior to the mention...
    may God bless the couple with losts of understanding and patience and love..

    waise m a virgo too :D

    heehee.. n bhillai? how cool is dat! i always wanted to visit tht place
    u r lukin pretty too in the new dp

    On August 19, 2009 at 11:50 PM Anonymous said...

    Wish only the hangover remains for a long long time and not Pinku Pimple :)


    Phew! Back from a seemingly long vacation in Kolkata. The city has so many different shades - its literally a collage of life in all its diversity. We criss-crossed the entire length and breadth of your hometown and strangely were only more enthused than tired. For the first time, we returned with both sweet memories as well as memories of sweets. I am so overwhelmed that I dont know where to start.. so just let me breathe before I start posting on it!

    Eye Opener : More people know Saurav Ganguly's house than Rabindranath Tagore's


    @ Shambhavi - May nothing/no one, EVER take away this happy feeling from really is a very sweet feeling...
    And sweetheart, I know you are a Virgo :)
    Happy Birthday in advance :)

    @ Vikas - Can't really explain that eye opener...but yes...the fact remains that today's generation has witnessed DADA and what all he is famous for but Tagore is alive only through his ART. Not many people understand Art and literature... but CRICKET!! do I even need to write about this??

    Sorry I compared.. am feeling guilty already :P

    Anyways...dying for the post on your trip..
    Jaldi jaldi...


    Thank you soooo much Kuttimashi!
    Thank you Shambhavi!



    @ Rosh - You are welcome darling... always and even after all the ways... :)