The Active and The Inactive

I'm not too sure whether the title for this post is appropriate.
My Dada (that's what I call my singing teacher) says, The Supreme Power, more commonly known as God, has two forms, one - The active form and the other - The inactive form...
For example:- A battery, when left alone seems to be useless, but, when the same cell is attached to a circuit, it can perform various functions. We know there is electricity flowing through the wires, but, it is only when, we switch on the light, darkness evaporates...

I was working at the computer in the morning today. I switched on the immersion heater for the sole purpose of heating some water...After about fifteen minutes, there was a power cut. The UPS started to beep, I ran and poured the water into a bucket, turned off the comp, went to the bathroom and shut the door. Then realized that I had forgotten the towel outside, so I came out and found a lot of smoke coming from the kitchen. Well, the power had come back and I had forgotten to switch off the immersion heater, a cloth kept next to it caught fire.
Had I not forgotten the towel outside, I could have jeopardized a lot of things (let's not think about what all things).


Boshonto Utshob coming up. I have resumed my singing classes after a break of, I don't remember how long. My dada, is aware of the fact that I have not been singing at all and I knew he would make my come-back tough and challenging. I confessed to him that I was low in confidence, he just smiled. I knew by his smile that I was up for a steep climb. The following day he asked me to stay back after class, he asked me "Rai, you had sung Bedona ki bhashaye...remember?"
My heart did a very complicated double somersault, "Yes", I said.
"Take this song"...

"Bedona ki bhashaye" was the toughest song #1 I learnt and performed solo on stage. The new song is my toughest song #2. Dada reminded me about "Bedona" because he tried to convey that "If you want to gain your lost confidence, you will have to get it at the very first ball, I am not going to allow you a full over"

I have been singing since the age of three or four, I'v been blessed to have had THE BEST five singing teachers of whom Chandana aunty and Dada are my favorites. Chandana aunty -because I used to be four when I went to her and learnt till the age of sixteen, if people say, I can sing, it is only because of her and Dada - because, at an age (23) when I as well as others, knew that I was only capable of singing Classical and semi-classical, he proved that wrong and guided me to sing the toughest form of Rabindra-sangeet, "Toppa". Well, I could go on and on about dada and what I've learnt from him.

I sat down for reyaz this evening and my voice sounded like that of a mad elephant. I am not happy. Hoping for a speedy recovery...More on it, in some later post...


    From what I gather,you seem to have quite a grounding in music,but you keep waiting for the right moment to showcase your talent,however the moment is elusive.Don't worry,it is.Best of luck with your singing.And remember,the joy of being at the summit is something worth the steepest of climbs.From a fellow music-lover.By the way,nice poems you've written,but the rhyming is overkill and restricts the expression.So long.


    Thanks Darshan for the visit and the comments. 'Will keep all that in mind.
    Was watching Sound of Music the other day...and your "So long" reminded me of that "Good night song" in the film, remember ? :)

    Thanks again and do come back.


    Well,I haven't seen the film or heard of it.The "So long" thing I probably got from the Bugs bunny looney toons thing I watched as a kid.That's all,folks.Thanks for posting those beautiful arziyaan lyrics.However every time I hear that passage about "Jab tu rubaroo aaaya,nazre utha na paya,ek pal mein sar jhuka ke maine kya nahi paya" I always think of Ayn Rand and objectivism.Why should one feel small and humble against God?Why can't we be a strong and bold expression of God's will?


    Uh,I ran out of space in the last comment.The point I was trying to make is that God wouldn't want anyone to be meek,but rather content to be strong and uplifted.Perhaps I misinterpret Prasoon,
    however if you want a sense of what I'm talking about,check out Azura at aim is not to publicize any content I've written,but I somehow cannot bring myself to completely agree with that particular passage in Arziyaan,unless I see it otherwise.So long(a comment,phew)