The reason I started blogging

Ideally speaking, this should have been my very first post. I made every possible conscious effort to postpone this one, lest I get biased and end up writing it in a way I did not wish to. 'Guess, everything has its own sweet time of appearance and this post too decided on its own accord to get published now.
Like a dear friend told me a few days back, "This year was full of hopes, dreams, dreams that materialised (well, almost) and then of heartbreaks and tragedies"...The silence that came after the storm, some of us faced this year, forgot to recede with it. Having said that, I really pray and hope that all those storms and mis fortunes that were glued to us throughout this year, decide to stay with it( with the year, I mean). It need not follow us to 2009.

I have always been the listener in a conversation. Never spoke much, in fact I still don't speak a lot. For the past twenty-six years i'v heard innumerable tales, some funny, some sad, other's which I tried to understand but failed in the end and until a few days back realised, that all I can remember is other people's stories. I remember almost all the details that was narrated to me. I asked myself one day, "There are so many details to a person and his/her life, so many incidents, have I ever thought about how many I had myself? The answer was 'No'..." I started scraping the layers of dust that had accumulated on my experiences and was pleasantly surprised to find so many of them.
The obstacle that followed was equally wierd. I had not spoken for so many years, I needed a medium. In all these years, there had been just two people who listened to me, without ANY interruption. Strangely, one of them listened to me for a period of ten years and the other, for a little less than a month. Thank you both for your patience.

Discovery of the medium -

May 2008

There happened to be this ignorant girl, who knew absolutely nothing about blogs. Destiny made her come across this blog of a person she knew( or, she thought, she knew). The first day it all seemed like a list of unfathomable theories, the next day it got a little more interesting, she discovered a few, very nice short stories( I wish I could give you the link, I am sure you too would have loved them ), then she started learning the navigations in the page. Apart from stories, it also had this person's daily this was some kind of an online diary, she thought. It took her two days to finish off all the posts and she loved them. Whenever, this person made a post( the rate of posting was very slow), he informed this girl and she read them, she loved to read them.

During that time (the time-period in the year when I was the happiest), I was slowly made to believe that "Perks were coming a little late in my life, but they had started coming"...I believed and after a little less than a month, disaster followed.

A month of self-reconstruction and then "My First Blog", now "Speechless" was born.

A few nice people helped me with the technical aspects of blogging later on. I have been lucky to receive a lot of encouragement when I started.
Thank you all for helping me with my Speechless self...


    It has been over two months that I am following your blog. It was a sheer accident that I chanced upon your blog while seraching for something else over internet. And the post which caught my attention was the one titled " Rapid Fire..". It was like....huh..this blogger thinks exactly like mine. And I decided to become a follower of your blog, and on the way to create my own blog. I must say it has been such a treat to read to you. And I do wait for your posts……. happy blogging.


    Thank you Tanmoy...