Minor at Twenty Six

Location : South City Mall- Fame Cinemas
Movie : Fashion(A)

I had gone for the movie with my cousin sister, her two children and my ma. I am the youngest in my family and all my cousins are quite older to me, so much that their daughters are more like my sisters rather than my nieces. My cousin's eldest daughter is twenty and the younger one is in class nine.
I went to the ticket counter,
Me: "Five tickets for Fashion"
Person @ the Counter: "I need your age proof. Without that, I will not be able to issue a single ticket to you ma'm"
Damn, there was a problem. We all could prove our ages but the youngest(class nine) wouldn't be allowed.
I asked my ma and didi to go and ask at the counter again.
They were told " If you have children below the age of eighteen, then they will be needed to produce their age proof certificates before they could be allowed in".
I somehow felt like punching the person who asked me for my age-proof. I am going to turn twenty-seven this December, damn-it.
I kept quiet for a while. But, "No matter what, I am going for Fashion".

My ma and didi would accompany my youngest niece for Roadside Romeo(U) and I would go to Fashion(A) with my older niece, Raily. Decided, now I went to the counter again.
Me: "Three tickets for Roadside Romeo and two for Fashion"
Prsn @ countr: "Your age proof ma'm".
Raily took out her college ID and was not asked a word.
I showed him my Office ID and was questioned, "This does not have your age proof ma'm"

Now, I was enjoying it.

Me: "That's an office id, do you think I would be employed by a company had I been a minor?"
I gave him my debit card for swiping,"And this is my debit card, do you think a minor would be allowed a debit card by any bank".
He spoke to a co-worker and finally, "It's okay ma'm(handed me the tickets), enjoy the movie ma'm" .
While we were entering the theatre, security persons asked for our age-proofs again after seeing the Fashion tickets. Raily wasn't asked a word after she put forward her college ID, I was asked again, after I showed them my office ID, "Your date of birth ma'm?". I said... and was stared back at, with a look of shock and disbelief. She did not even peep into my bag, which I had opened for her to see. "Okay ma'm, you can go in".

Inspite of all the harassment, I would still like to thank the people of South City Fame Cinemas for making my day. I mean, where, I have my friends, who look like they should at least have one child each, I am considered to be a minor? Well! I take that as a compliment guys.

Once I had gone shopping with a friend and I had bought a lot of things already, Priyanka was yet to buy something. The shop keeper told her,"Your younger sister is buying so many clothes, you can also buy a few". I looked the other way so that she wouldn't see me smiling. Priyanka smiled too, "Thank God, at least he didn't call me your mother ;)".


    cnt stop laughin...


    but u did not tell the secrets behind this many a gilz wud be interested in this[:-)]
    and some boyz too..
    I am 25 and ppl of my age call me uncle


    Hey Shambhavi, long time. Where have you been?

    Hello Suprem,
    I am lucky in this field, the secret is in my genes, all my family members look younger, no matter what their age. For ex, the cousin sis I wrote about in this post doesn't look like she can have two children the older one being twenty.
    Thank you Suprem for visiting my blog :)


    See... my prediction is too good... Put on a lit bit (not much) or else in first meet with ur would be, he might feel he is meeting a minor....;) He he he


    Hey Tanusri! That's interesting! I'd really enjoy that, if it happens ;)


    Lolz....well..then check this out....i go for my car registration, and the guy just types in 35yrs as my age in the form! I said the age is wrong...what made u type 35....well he said, "dekhe poitirish chhotirish mone holo, tai likhlam"...ami bollam je beche thakle 10 bochhor por poitirish hobo....apatoto 25 likhun....bujhlen!!!! needless to say, I spent an hour in front of the mirror upon returning home....


    That was hilarious...Still can't stop laughing :)))


    hey this is really funny. but i could understand ur feelings when u were in that situation. but what to do our system is like this only. tk cr.