Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20)

This is one zodiac sign, about which I could never reach a conclusion, probably because I always got biased.
Following are a few informations I managed to collect from the net...

The Good Capricorn and The Bad Capricorn :

Good Capricorn Bad Capricorn

Male :

Having Capricorn rising almost guarantees success. No matter how many obstacles stand in his way, no matter how far down the ladder he begins, his achievements will lead to plenty of money in the bank. Money is important to this man, not just for the power it brings, but for the freedom it allows. He won't rest until he feels safe, and to feel secure, he must have a hefty bank account. Sometimes Capricorn rising can go too far in his need for acquisition and become quite ruthless.

Having said that, he is very responsible, intelligent and sociable. He excels in business meetings and can be quite an investor. In a relationship he wants someone more relaxed than he is, someone that can help him loosen up when he is at home. He often finds himself with a woman of less intelligence and standing in society--he likes to help her improve. If she's willing to rise to his standards and expectations, she will do well.
Together they can build up a wonderfully large nest egg that he will enjoy spending on her (and himself) when he retires. He has a hard time expressing his emotions. This is because he is quite sure he lacks the vitality of the people around him. This isn't necessarily true, and the woman that can help him gradually release his emotions will find a warm man underneath the frost.
Once he does meet the 'right' one, he will be faithful and committed to their relationship.

Female :

This woman needs to feel secure. Like her male counterpart, she seeks safety in numbers--bills, that is. She will not rest until she has a stash of money in the bank, a few solid investments, and a home to call her own. She won't necessarily depend on a man to provide her with security, as she is willing to work hard herself. But, when she does find a man she can approve of, he must not come into the relationship as a liability.

She won't support a man. She has magnificent self-control and can come across as cold and unloving--underneath the fa ├žade she is full of anxiety. Capricorn rising won't admit to this, though. She is very slow to commit, always wanting to be completely sure that she is doing the right thing. Capricorn rising does not like shallow or flighty men; she wants depth and expects it. If you can't give her what she needs--ie, money, honesty, a solid social standing- -don't bother trying.

She may have a fling with you, but she won't marry you. The Capricorn rising woman will succeed, either through her mate, or on her own.


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