The tiny joys

Discovering a forgotten bar of Five Star in the bag

Longing for a Money Plant and suddenly finding it in a vase on the dining table

The ‘page view’ of Speechless crossing 100,000, inspite of having ignored her for ages

Not me but my fellow blogger friend noticing it for me

Getting drenched by the time the umbrella could be taken out (totally unintentional)

Getting the pillion seat in the AC bus

Collecting my stationery in office then giving the pink coloured pen to Sid (my neighbour at office) and of course seeing him stare at the bright “pink-ness” of the gift in disbelief!

Quitting Facebook and Whatsapp to return to Speechless, in other words, clearing out the junk for some me space


    Getting the pillion seat in a bus is a rare thing, eh? So you get the driver seat every time is it? Ayyaa

    PS: Congratulations on quitting Facebook and Whatsapp. Welcome to the desert! :-)




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