Slow but steady as a TURTLE...

I was not doing good....was not keeping well...had lots of questions in my mind and was very sad...
Didn't have anyone to talk to...never have been a good talker...
Was aimlessly roaming around at a certain shopping mall....with blurred eyes...a heavy heart and an empty head...
...when I came across a certain hoarding of sorts with a lot written on it...
Something stood out from the hoarding
I literally slowed up and began reading through it..
By the time I came towards the last line...I was crying...oblivious to the fact that I was being stared at...
Why?? Because the questions knocking at the walls of my cranium were being answered...just like if (although I didn't have anyone to talk to) someone was watching over and was listening to me all this while..
The snap below was my 4th attempt at my mobile's camera because I was trembling so...
What the questions and answers were, are beyond the scope of Dear Speechless...
The board was placed outside the TURTLE showroom (hence the title)...
You are fast.
So fast that you stop for nothing.
You whiz past the world,
The Sunsets, Street Musicians, a Monet,
Whipped cream cupcakes,
New Bookstores, Old friends, Sandpipers on the beach, stand up Comedians and empty highways.
Everything is a blur.
You are stuck in fast forward.
An ultimate rushaholic. Success seeker
Going through his emotions.
Racing through life rather than actually living it.
And suddenly its all over.
Break away from the breakneck pace.
Uncomplicate. Untie. Unwind.
Find time to find yourself.
Breathe, don't just inhale. Feel.
Don't just touch.
Find, don't just look.
Live every second, don't just count them.
Stand in a rushing stream rather than rush hour traffic.
Give a genuine response rather than a quick answer.
Seek a real connection rather than a mere plug point.
Slow up. Because the earth took billions of years to form.
And you took nine months to come to being.
Slow up. Because the best things in life take their own sweet time.


    On April 3, 2015 at 1:10 PM Anonymous said...

    How slow is slow? Even if we blink once every minute, we will still be much faster than a tree sloth that moves once in hours. And how fast is fast? The fastest race car drivers or jet pilots are nothing compared to the speed of light. Even if we stay stationary, not doing anything, our hearts continue to beat at 72 per minute. Who can control that? Our planet revolves at the speed of 100,000 km/hr. We can't be going slower than that. I believe that fast or slow is only a relative term. Time is a subjective phenomenon that we measure based on the rate of change around us. The Earth evolved over billions of years but look at how much it has changed over those years. I think the rate of change around us is pretty much still the same. It's all a stream of energy and matter constantly transforming. We can move out of the social highway but not out of the Natural stream of life. I don't know what is the real answer for what I spoke above. Just put my thoughts out. The TURTLE poem was thought-provoking, but then, if we choose then anything could be thought-provoking. Victor Hugo wrote an entire novel provoked by a nondescript pebble lying on the seashore. :o)

    On the flip side, you said you won't reveal the questions in your mind, but you posted the poem which apparently 'gave you all the answers'. So with a little reverse engineering, a smart reader may be able to work back to your questions, isn't it? Ha ha..


    Thank you for taking the time to write down so much. I havent been in the habit of blogging lately and hence was not receiving thought provoking comments..

    You've written've meant well...yet you've chosen to remain "Anonymous" and I respect that...
    For emotional fools such as the blogger, what meets the bare eye is not always smartly understood...
    You are free as a reader to draw your own inferences....

    I would respect that too :)

    Thanks again...

    On April 5, 2015 at 11:10 PM Anonymous said...

    Hey! I didn't choose to be Anonymous with the intention to hide my identity. I was just too lazy to login. My id has passcode enabled and I had to go searching for my cell phone, you see! I am your usual reader and commenter and, hence, I thought you would have guessed my identity after knowing me over so many years. :o) No! don't try to reply now. Listen to your heart and move on..


    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S on the hundred thousand. Another cause to celebrate I guess. :-)

    BTW, that above anonymous commenter was me. No sweat please.


    :) Thank youuuu...!!