Creativity strikes at 2

Jaipur, 2:10 a.m

Strategic Business Management: name of the subject I am supposed to write a test on in exactly 10 minutes less than 12 hours time. Have been going through a lot lately and could not find a reason to blog. Well, not the right time practically to write now but there's no knowing when creativity strikes.
'Just took a break from studying and decided to watch Dhobi Ghat, which was stored in my D drive for quite some time now.
"A 90 minute movie that does not have a story...boring...couldn't understand when it began and when it or how it ended...." was what I had heard about this movie.
I just finished watching it. Creativity is contagious I gess. I am blogging...
Dhobi Ghat is an art film having some spectacular artwork.
  • Beginning with the photography, the frames, where they show "A movie by Kiran Rao" followed by the terrace scene displaying "Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)" - Tushar Kanti Ray, the director of photography.
  • A film that had all the actors performing stupendously and not just Amir Khan.
  • The guitar pieces played in the background.
  • The Tthumri.
  • The story (um sorry..the diaries).
  • The silent life of Arun.
  • The black and white stills - Jyotika Jain.
  • Yasmin Noor and her three letters.
  • Munna, his life and his dreams
  • Shai

If you haven't stopped expecting good art movies being made, this one is for you. Go watch it!

I loved Dhobi Ghat...You tell me....Did you?


    On February 8, 2011 at 8:08 PM Anonymous said...

    nope! havent watched dhobi ghat yet.. wud that mean, i cannot write anything else??

    spare me.. please..
    an honest appreciation for art films, comin from someone who was abt 2 write a test on strategic business management.
    two ends of the world??!
    or two different worlds in the 1st place?
    well.. ummm.. not many people are blessed with the ability to navigate both worlds with perfect ease.. more so in the middle of the night, when the circadian rhythm pleads with the brain in screaming earnestness "go to bed.. go to bed"...

    well for all i know, aamir khan does it pretty well. so do a couple of others.. i mean, people who have gone places..

    carry on the good work.


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    @ Anonymous: Thanks for being regular at Speechless. "Two ends of the world"...ha ha..I am kinda practicing my range. The mechanical world of a PGDM student doesn't allow much space for creative activities. But art has its own way out I suppose.

    I will carry on the should be kind enough to carry on calling it "good"...:)

    Do visit again...

    On March 8, 2011 at 11:28 PM Anonymous said...

    I loved the name 'Mumbai Diaries'. I did get to watching the movie.. felt it was a good starting point after a long break from movies for me. The movie was more art than commerce. Looks like the movie was made to satisfy the creative urge of its team rather than to please the hunger of its audience. I haven't followed Kiran Rao much but she looks like one with a taste to some abstract story telling - so I expected a good mixture of Kiran's multicolored canvas and Aamir's discreet cinematic perfection. I felt I got my money's worth...