When you get just a couple of hours to sleep in a day
When you see your blog rank going up and down once every two months and you still can't force your brains to produce any creative juice
When you wake up each morning only to forget what day of the week it is
When the piled up clothes and you look each other in the eye, the former yells out "Please... we need a wash, you know it right?"
When you learn to look at things from a different perspective and soon after get lost in the same
When you wake up in the morning (each day) before your alarm goes off
When you have fever and you don't get the time to visit a doctor and the fever and you take care of each other

You know you are .........................

(Can you guess and fill up the blank?)


    in a hostel,doing an mba...which 1 is rite..?


    brain dead?
    studying too much?
    eating too less?
    drinking too much (or less)?