When will you come ...?

In vain I feel; In vain I kneel;
When will you come? When will it heal ?

A futile chase; A deathly maze;
Intentions good, but the heart ablaze...
Both highs and lows; There are friendly-foes;
When unsure - Ask HIM, He surely knows.
Is it always pain; Is there no Gain?
When will you come ? When will it rain?

Of decisions bold; Of miseries told;
Hypocrisy reigns, all else sold.
It's not the end, It's just a bend,
If something goes wrong; no one will mend.
A loving touch; a caring hand;
When will you come? When can I stand?

The boat is here; I am ready to row,
When will you come? When shall I go?



    - very soon. surely.


    Amen :)


    The one will come and the boat shall leave,
    And not so late, in me you believe!
    Long have you waited for a tide that’s high,
    Time for you to say Good Bye,
    To anchors of past that make you weak,
    And sail off far with the one you seek.


    Goodness gracious me (Babua)!!!!!!!
    I am getting so much to see.
    Now with your poetic side revealed
    I am expecting more from thee.
    Will be waiting for your poetry now
    "The First Times - Poetry" may be...

    On July 27, 2009 at 11:47 PM Anonymous said...

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    On July 27, 2009 at 11:48 PM Anonymous said...

    Over the picture my pointer hovered,
    Lonely-boat said a pop-up that uncovered...

    The picture of the boat holds a brief attention. As my mind, which always tries to see the unobvious, pondered over those pixels there was this speculation - Is the boat really lonely? Ok. Its alone. But being alone does not mean being lonely.. Is it possible its heart is so full of joy that loneliness disappears into the horizon? The joy could be due to one of two reasons.
    Either its because the boat has already reached the shores - its realized its journey. Ek yaatri jisne apni yaatra puri ki ho.
    Or its staring unto the wide open ocean.. set to embark upon something it does best - float triumphantly over unchartered waters.

    But irrespective of whether its the end or the beginning - the boat is excited for sure.

    Now! was I supposed to comment on the poem? :)


    This is a really beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it!


    how about the last line..with a minor change and 2 more paragraphs.

    So when would you come
    And when do we leave
    I've been waiting out my life
    To ride across this never ending sea

    Hope I can carry on
    To see the light in your eyes
    In my ever lasting dream
    I would still be waiting over..

    So when you'd come
    I would play my songs for thee.