Come, Let's make Tea different

A Discovery :-

I was asked to make tea one evening.
I poured the water from a bottle that was kept in a line of many other bottles on the rack, the bottle did not have enough water to make tea for five people, so I took some more water from another bottle that stood right next to it...

I prepared it in the usual way...boiling the water, adding sugar, adding the tea leaves (by the milk was added to this)...
It was now time to drink...The first to go was my Baba..after the first sip..he simply looked up at me- His expressions were different...Then my Ma...she started smiling and stood up to investigate..I did not understand what was going now the others were also making faces..(well, happy faces mind you)... Without hesitating, I took My First sip...and to my utter disbelief, the Tea tasted different, unique and above all...really good...
I followed my Ma to the kitchen and we both started to probe...
The first bottle from which I had poured in water, actually contained "Sprite"!!!!!!

Try it out...It gives you real tasty tea...but use water and 7Up or Sprite in 1:1 ratio ( or safer still, keep the quantity of water, more).... and do not forget to give me your feedback...The first sip would surely bring a smile to your face...


    hehe...seems it wud really be good. This is the second preparation I learned from you.


    So is this an indication that the next time we visit your place, before having anything we need to get a life insurance done :P


    Hi Tanmoy,
    Now that u'v learnt...try making it the next time u bring home a bottle of Sprite :) I will wait for the feebback...
    Hi Raj(tor naam khana solid...puro mone hochhe..SRK'r jonno likhchhhi ;))
    U wont need insurance bro...the fact that I am living on, to key down this discovery is proof enuf :P...bhoy pashna...I'll give you normal tea when u come to visit :)


    Thank you, thank you. I am blushing now, I am turning purple :P


    Have u named this beverage?
    how bout 'Spritea'? sounds good...will try.


    I was going to ask you to name this... :)
    'Spritea' is v good :)


    i knew that. Was proactive. :)


    Hay same way once I’ve prepared tea, but in my case that was not sprite….but vinegar and that tasted..Yuck
    I missed it, or else I would have came up with this cool recipe before you. :)

    Really a nice post…Keep 'em coming.
    I’ll surly try your new recipe “Spritea” :)p


    Thanks Binod for your first comment in my blog :)
    Keep in touch...

    On May 20, 2009 at 5:48 PM Anonymous said...

    A great invention.... but would try and confirm later.... but babes would really try out.


    A great invention.... but would try and confirm later.... but babes would really try out.


    First let me share my experience. I don't drink tea. So I asked my Mom and Wife to try it. Wife said it was great and Mom just loved it. Thanks! For the first time I gave a recipe to Mom.
    Second, Coca-Cola launched Spritea in China under the Sprite brand on March 2010, more than a year after this post. So ... congrats :) !!!
    Waiting for more experiments like this.


    @Sumit: Thanks a lot...I should in that case demand my royalty and I will share it with Sw because he christened it Spritea :)


    ha ha.. I will definatley try this.. Reading this post itself broght a smile on my face. thank you,
    BTW this is Praveen, randomly I have come across your blog...