True happiness

1) Being around:
     Babies/ toddlers
     Very old people

2) Doing simple but good things to/ for people and random strangers:
     Smiling and greeting a passerby.
     Holding a door open for the person  behind you.
     Saying "Thank you" and "Sorry".
     Pitching in for an over burdened colleague or friend on your own.
     Bringing coffee or snacks for the colleague having a rough day.
     Talking nicely to a roadside beggar or a eunuch on the street. Remember they are not spoken well with (in many countries), which explains their natural distrust towards strangers.

3) Nurturing:
     An indoor plant.
     A hobby

Ps: I shall happily embrace just additions to the above list :)


    If I say true happiness lies beyond life, is there any way you can refute it?


    I could refute just by saying that your statement puts emphasis on "Destination Addiction" - Happiness is not here not now but elsewhere.
    I will not say so because I recently experienced past life regression and if what i felt (post death in a certain lifetime that I was regressing) is really true ,then yes that is true happiness - meeting God!