That is what I call our car - Gatum.

I learnt how to drive way back in 2009 but obviously remembered none of it because we didnt have a car back then.

Ever since Gatum has entered our lives...poor car's control has been taken over by various drivers at different times, the worst of the lot obviously being the blogger.

Location - Howrah
Occasion - My cousin sister's wedding

Gatum was supposed to be driven around and used there at the wedding by some driver that my cousin's folks would arrange. The driver did'nt turn up. They badly needed a replacement and got hold of me as a desperate last (and only) resort. I knew how to work upon the gears (the first and the second gears that is) and the ABC.

The best part was i had fever. They woke me up very early next morning, gave me a cup of tea, two biscuits and a Paracetamol. Then asked me to take a whole lot to the river Ganga for jol-showa.
I was at the wheels, but all of us were driving (if you know what I mean). A truck driver was screamed at for coming from the right side (the correct side I mean). A bus that was backing up was instructed by 4 ladies from the rear of a tiny car to wait while Gatum could pass first, etc.

The distance from the house to the venue was also being covered by the new-found driver. There was a manned crossing near the venue and each time the traffic police saw me closing in, he would stop the entire traffic and allowed me the first passage with a frown at first which later changed to a cordial smile by the end of the evening.

The bride in all her fineries was sitting at the back of the car. The groom had already reached the venue. The pandit was enquiring about the bride, but the poor lady was still sitting at the back seat of Gatum waiting at the railway signal because I could not take her the other way round (a short cut) which would have required me to climb a flyover. What if there was a signal and I had to stop at the incline. Brrrrrrr....
So there we were, waiting for the goods train to pass and get the two souls wedded.

All went well, I still get applauded for that day and that's how I started driving around with Dear Gatum.


    I am sure the traffic signal on an incline is a nightmare for most new car drivers. That point was very well captured! :-)

    BTW, I noticed that the blog will soon touch 100,000 views. Great milestone I feel. Is that going to pass Speechlessly?


    Woah! Really! Glad you noticed...
    it should not pass speechlessly....i will see to it...
    Thank yous....