A tiny little Request from Speechless

Speechless : HE doesn't listen to her when she prays for herself but I am sure and so is she, that, HE would listen to you.

Sunrita is going through a very sensitive phase in life. She has done EVERYTHING within her reach and now it is just up to HIM, The Almighty.

If you are reading this blog at this very moment, please close your eyes and pray for her, even if it is a tiny little two seconds' prayer. Please do me this favor.

Please close your eyes and pray for her.



    On September 10, 2009 at 9:36 PM Anonymous said...

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    All prayers heard, she has achieved great success. Rest of the details our master blogger will provide soon!
    @ Kuttimashi (the blogger) - Sorry for not taking permission before posting this comment, but I am sure you will not mind me giving out the news in your absence.
    All my best wishes are with you, may God keep bestowing his blessings in this wonderful journey you have undertaken.



    @ Vikas- I will surely drop you an offline mail. Read your post on Oh Calcutta...will comment soon...

    @ Rosh - Thank you sweetheart for the prayers and also for the MP3 player...
    Everybody should get a niece like you and a jamai like Babua...
    Keep smiling...


    Oh thank God you are back!
    Reading your blog was my favourite pass time while having lunch at my desk. It had been a long time since you posted and I could feel something missing!
    Subho Bijaya!


    On October 2, 2009 at 10:11 PM Anonymous said...

    Thanks for reading the Calcutta post. Thanks also for the 'jaate-jaate' comment. But just a few lines? :( And that too only appreciation? :(

    BTW, I should thank you for giving those details on things to see in Kolkata. It was great help. Though you had warned about India Museum being closed on Mondays, it was only when we went there we realized it was a Monday :)

    Finally.. still waiting for details (or offline mail) on the "great success" that you have had. Congrats though!!