The entangled mesh...

Jodi taare nai chini go sheki
Sheki amaye nebe cheene
Ei nobo, phalguner deene


Everything seems to be tied in knots. What I expect and want, just refuses to happen.

The good things first.

"Waahan Chaalika Bhava", was what my haate khori, err, I mean, haate steering guruji, Babua, told me. Among several other things, I always dreamt of having a driving licence. After a month and a half of training from a nearby motor training school, I now have one. Thank you for all the inspiration Babua. I have also done my bit of encouraging and Dada has enrolled himself at the same school. Kudos!!

West Bengal had been crying for change and the change seems to have arrived. For the first time after 32 years, Left Front is on the back foot. Looking forward to the Bidhan Sabha elections.

The beginning of this month saw me visiting the Steel city of Bhilai. With another wedding due in the family at the same place, the trip was great fun. Specially, the visit to The Bhilai Steel Plant was very exciting. The blast furnaces, the steel melting shops (SMS), the coke ovens and the merchant mills, the three hour tour was breath taking. Strangely I remembered most of the details from my Class Ten Chemistry books. Studying about the iron melting process in textbooks and witnessing ladles carrying molten metal from one factory to another and the extreme temperature conditions are two completely different things.

SAIl TMT bar, EQR-Earthquake Resistant


Now for the more serious issues.

The next three months would be crucial in determining the path I am going to take.
So far, it has been difficult. Hoping the scenario to change.

Jibono jokhono shukaye jaye...Korunadharaye esho
Shokolo madhuri lukaye jaye...Geetoshudharoshe esho.
Kormo jokhon probolo aakar...goroji utthiya ddhake charidhar
Hridoyoprante, hey Jibononath, Shanto chorone esho.


    On July 19, 2009 at 10:30 PM Anonymous said...

    I had been to a steel plant in Kudremukh (horse-faced mountain) in Karnataka and the whole process of melting and smelting suddenly looked so much more meaningful. The gigantic machines gave a sense of pride too. I finally felt like going back 10 years and sitting in that chemistry class again.. and this time getting the answer right and avoiding the spanking on my knuckles.

    That additional marks in chemistry would have probably made Anindita taking me more seriously too :)

    On July 19, 2009 at 10:32 PM Anonymous said...

    "The next three months would be crucial in determining the path I am going to take"... So did you see a new Sunrise at the end of three months? Looking at my own struggle in search of my identity and purpose.. I can relate to everyone that may be stuck at cross-roads of life.. like I perennially am!